Dream about tunnel



  • dream 10 aug 12 poss attack lympics or channel tunnel‏

To readings.by.eevee@inbox.com

i was with other people in a really long vertical tube tunnel had to climb it then through a deep tunnel of water with electric sparking !!getting shocks.then a massive drop. a train hitting the ground from a height

I cannot prove when I was watching this film, you will have to take my word for it but I had that dream on 10th, I thought it symbolised some sort of tragedy at the Olympics, then on 12th I watched a horror film and the tunnel in it was JUST like in my dream

this is the second time lately that I have had a premonition of something from a film

scuse the typos in the email, I usually send them to myself when I am half asleep


2 Responses to “Dream about tunnel”

  1. What a very peculiar dream….thankfully nothing happened at Olympics…however I wonder if ift was a warning of something to come…..sometimes these dreams just freak me out!!!

  2. there is still time for something to happen at the Olympics, the main Olympics are over but now there is the paralympics

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