Finding Bigfoot ? well I am sure you will not find him like that !

we have started watching the most ridiculous TV programme, obviously because of our “jobs” we have to stay up to date with anything “Paranormal”
we do not think the Bigfoot exists and think it is about as likely as the Loch Ness Monster but the TV programme passes an hour
we are baffled though as to why the investigators knock on wood really loudly (and damage poor trees in the process ) set off fireworks, yell and basically make as much noise as they can, do they seriously think that a Bigfoot, if there is one is going to come out of hiding ? surely being quiet would be more effective.
as usual there is a sceptic and in this case it is the woman,  we have taken an instant dislike to her, in fact she irritates us so much we want to put our feet through the TV and she clearly irritates her fellow investigators too, it is a shame because the other investigators are good.

do you believe in Bigfoot ?


3 thoughts on “Finding Bigfoot ? well I am sure you will not find him like that !

  1. You know I am really not sure… cou;d be possible there is some caveman like creature running about the wilds of USA or wherever yest it does not seem plausible….I need REAL proof like meeting one in the woods, lol…


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