2012-08-25 23.35.50

the signs regarding owls continue, I think the owl is definitely my “power animal” never before have I seen so many owls, it is not like they are common..I had originally thought that the bat was my power animal/ spirit animal because I have always loved them,I have never been drawn to owls but it seems that something is telling me that I should be drawn to them.

the owl outside our house was there for four days, the day I worked out what he was there for he stopped visiting, last night I could of fallen off my chair when I came across three owls

the top one was in a horror film we were watching, the one below was on a TV programme about UFOs

and this was the first image in my Facebook feed when I checked my Facebook before I went to bed

much like a spirit guide a power animal can be called upon when help is needed, for example an owl can be called upon if someone needs wisdom, a dog if someone needs loyalty and a fox if someone needs cunning !

if you keep seeing an animal that you have not noticed before it could be that you are being shown your power animal : )

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