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MABON (the autumn equinox) is an excellent time to do a ritual where you attempt to rid yourself of things you do not want in your life

firstly I had a nice bath with salt in it, lavender seeds and bath crystals to symbolically purify myself, this was done in candle light while listening to meditation music

when my bath was finished I wrote some things down on paper that I did not want in my life and then burnt them in the cauldron while stating out loud what I had written and saying “I banish you”

I had chosen a black pencil to write with because black symbolises banishment

I used a page from my “Book of Shadows” every witch has their own book and no one should read it, it contains spells and rituals that the witch has learnt or devised themselves, as you can see it does not have to be a fancy book of shadows, mine is just a grey folder with my witch name on it ( Indigo Birch)

I sat on the floor with the yellow, red and blue candles around me and used incense in my goddess incense holder, any incense can be used but I chose white sage because that is also symbolic of banishment ( we use white sage bundles to “smudge” peoples homes where they have spirits or unbalanced energies)

A cauldron is round because it symbolises the pregnant belly of the moon mother, it has three legs to symbolise the three moon goddesses, ie the three phases of the moon, MAIDEN, MOTHER AND CRONE

when my ritual was complete I snuffed out my candles with my candle snuffer ( the bell shaped gold item ) mine has a pentagram on it, when doing spells candles must never be blown out as it is said to void the spell

the burnt bits of paper where then tipped into my purifying bath and washed down the plughole to symbolise my worries (the things I had written ) being washed away from me

you do not have to be a witch to do this ritual, anyone can benefit from it : )



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a light HEARTED blog because I need some LOLs today

spooky…I dribbled on my bed in the shape of a love heart, the very next morning my son announced his engagement !! I dribble everywhere at night because I have to wear gum shields on my top and bottom teeth


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(from my Uncles website, he is an artist, it states about our Norse and Highland heritage)

I sometimes wondered where I got my “gifts” from and why I am now drawn to Paganism and Wicca

the answers lie in my heritage

I knew that I had Irish and Scottish blood but it was not until my Uncle did the family tree that I found out I also have

Norwegian blood, some of the first Pagans were “Norse”

Dictionary entry overview: What does Norse mean?

• NORSE (noun)
The noun NORSE has 3 senses:

1. an inhabitant of Scandinavia
2. a native or inhabitant of Norway
3. the northern family of Germanic languages that are spoken in Scandinavia and Iceland

the Norse spread to the Highlands of Scotland, which is where my Grandad was from ” The Isle of Lewis” , you cannot get much more “Highland” than that and people from that area are known as Celtic

so Paganism in UK started in the Highlands and then spread to the rest of the country,

I felt drawn to Runes not knowing I had Norse blood : runes are a Norse method of divination using stones or bits of wood with the Ogham alphabet on them,

I am drawn to certain other divination methods that are Celtic, I love Celtic art work.

I do Celtic moon astrology

I am drawn to nature and trees, Paganism is mainly using respect for nature and Mother Earth, trees are very important

Paganism leads to Wicca, which is Witchcraft and something that I now also follow

so it seems that all this is in my blood.

My son who is also interested in Paganism and is a fantastic psychic and paranormal investigator has Irish Traveller (Gypsy) blood so he got that from his Fathers heritage

talking of Norse , we have a Norweigan forest cat, we did not know he was that breed until he was about 6 years old

I said to my husband that if I ever get my black cat that I want I shall call her Morrigan

well you could knock me over with a feather when I did a quiz in a magazine and my results were that I was most like the Goddess Morrigan who was Celtic, this is what the quiz said :

(so much of this describes me to a T )

A strong and vibrant goddess with an almost magical air about her

naturally intuitive and incredibly psychic she controlled her own destiny

because you match with Morrigan you are fully aware of what you want and possess a magical bewitching air about you

it fascinates those around you, you are extremely protective of the people in your life.(as my son can tell you ! )

highly sensitive and very intuitive, you are very imaginative and deeply fascinated by the moon, much like your sorceress alter ego (yes I am)

the magazine recommended that I try these things :

maintain connection with nature and in particular the moon ( I do, I run my life round the moon phases and often go on nature

walks to the woods when I am well enough)

Carry a moonstone in your pocket or handbag ( spooky..I have been doing that for the past year )

(quiz source “Soul and Spirit magazine)



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My sons childhood friend has also found out that he is going to be a daddy : )

I was asked by his mother, my very good friend Amelia, for a prediction and here it is


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If you go to the “owls ” category you will read why owls are so important to me
I have finally managed to get the one that visits (who I have named Orion ) to answer my calls
this was the video from last night
he was further away than he had been earlier, when I stupidly forgot to press record on my camera
but you can just about hear him, I shall not give up until I see him, we will go out again with the night vision below to see vid from last night, you cannot actually see anything because it was so dark but you can hear the audio