Blue moon ritual 31 Aug 2012


on 31 Aug there was a rare blue moon (it simply means that there were two full moons that month)

sadly we did  not have a view of the moon because it was way too cloudy, but it was there and that is the main point.

I did a “once in a blue moon spell”

this involved asking for things that I need help with

a blue candle was used and I was lucky enough to find one with a pattern on it with symbolism, the triangle for the three phases of the moon and a circle for eternity



this spell involved drinking wine because a blue moon is also known as a “wine moon” and a little of the wine

was spilt on the ground as an offering, I had to write 13 things that I needed help with on strips of blue paper




the strips of paper were then wrapped in blue cloth and tied with gold ribbon, the package will be burnt on the Yule

fire (winter solstice ) and hopefully by then some of the things that I asked for may of come true : )


2 thoughts on “Blue moon ritual 31 Aug 2012

  1. Hi Eevee: I am very intrigued by what you did in this ceremony/spell as we do something very similar in my Aboriginal culture!!! I love the blue candle you found for the spell…it is very cool!!! We were able to see the Blue Moon here & she was full & very yellow & looked very happy!!!! I hope your needs are fulfilled….xo


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