MABON (the autumn equinox) is an excellent time to do a ritual where you attempt to rid yourself of things you do not want in your life

firstly I had a nice bath with salt in it, lavender seeds and bath crystals to symbolically purify myself, this was done in candle light while listening to meditation music

when my bath was finished I wrote some things down on paper that I did not want in my life and then burnt them in the cauldron while stating out loud what I had written and saying “I banish you”

I had chosen a black pencil to write with because black symbolises banishment

I used a page from my “Book of Shadows” every witch has their own book and no one should read it, it contains spells and rituals that the witch has learnt or devised themselves, as you can see it does not have to be a fancy book of shadows, mine is just a grey folder with my witch name on it ( Indigo Birch)

I sat on the floor with the yellow, red and blue candles around me and used incense in my goddess incense holder, any incense can be used but I chose white sage because that is also symbolic of banishment ( we use white sage bundles to “smudge” peoples homes where they have spirits or unbalanced energies)

A cauldron is round because it symbolises the pregnant belly of the moon mother, it has three legs to symbolise the three moon goddesses, ie the three phases of the moon, MAIDEN, MOTHER AND CRONE

when my ritual was complete I snuffed out my candles with my candle snuffer ( the bell shaped gold item ) mine has a pentagram on it, when doing spells candles must never be blown out as it is said to void the spell

the burnt bits of paper where then tipped into my purifying bath and washed down the plughole to symbolise my worries (the things I had written ) being washed away from me

you do not have to be a witch to do this ritual, anyone can benefit from it : )


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