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Happy Samhain / Halloween

from me and my kitty familiar Goddess Freya, she did not mind the costume, she was just tired

whatever your plans are have fun and if you are taking part in any rituals may you get all you wish for

unfortunately I am still not well enough to take part in what  I had planned : (



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Last night was meant to be the brightest full moon of the year and the most important to Witches, I had some full moon rituals in mind which would of been really special because my Grand Daughter Arwen-Rose who was born only a couple of weeks was born under the month of the “hunters moon” , I was unable to do any rituals because I have been very ill in the last few weeks and my doc has sent me for hip and pelvis xrays, I am using my wheelchair more and more which makes it too difficult to get down on the grass and set up my altar, I like to have my altar on the grass so that I am closest to Mother Earth, I like to feel “grounded” I was pretty upset, I think that Samhain / Halloween will be a total washout for me too, such a shame because it is my favourite “festival” after Beltane, it saddens me  that I now have to wait another whole year *sigh*


what was also a let down was that even though the moon was meant to be the brightest it was barely visible due to it being so far away and it was very very cloudy, I had wanted to take some good photos of hunters moon for the scrap book I am making for Arwen-Rose ( I have mentioned before that she is likely to be a hereditary psychic and Indigo/crystal kid ) she will be brought up Pagan as not only am I Pagan but so is Arwen-Roses other Gran and her Mother


because I was not able to do my rituals I simply asked the Moon Goddess for some things I would like, health for Arwen -Rose and happiness for the family etc, and I made use of the full moon by charging my salt and water that is used for most rituals and spells, it just has to be left out in the moonlight for the whole night, some Wiccans also leave it out all the next day in sunlight to gather the male energy of the sun, personally I prefer to just charge my tools up with feminine moon energy, I use male items on my altar


I also charged up my pentagram tile, small arrow head wand, wooden athame (dagger) and my wand that I made, it has an amethyst tip and is wrapped in purple and silver ribbon : purple for psychic ability and silver for moon energy, it has jet beads round it ( Witches like to wear jet and amber beads) I also added some pink stones to it to make it more girly, yes it looks very phallic *blush* but that is the idea, and as far as wands go mine is quite large and chunky because I have problems with my hands so larger items are easier for me to hold

during summer new moons I charge ALL my tools including oracle kits, rune stones, crystals, candle holders, talismans and everything else in my witches kit


it was just not my night because it started to rain ! because my salt was in an uncovered tub I had to move everything to the shelter of under my trees, but that is good because they will also pick up tree energies, trees figure a lot in my work and it is these trees that I ask for help from !


the moon was visible through the branches so the moonlight was still able to reach my items that were to be charged

some people charge their items on window sills but I have too much stuff to charge

I hope that next Samhain will be more of a success


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to my friends of other religions and beliefs too, may the triple Goddess (or whoever you believe in) watch over you all, ( this was the best moon pic I could get tonight, it was too far away, cloudy and raining..shame as it was meant to be the brightest moon *sigh*)


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I have had a flashback. I now know that owls have always been in my life ! these things have suddenly come back to me….that macramé owl is very similar to one that was hanging in our kitchen when I was a child, yes I know owls and macramé were all the rage in the 70s but it was the only owl thing we had

I was searching google for some nice owl pics and came across the night light picture, well I almost dropped my laptop..I had a night light like that ! it was kind of jelly like rubber, how could I have forgotten that ? it used to protect me at night

another thing that I remembered was that when I was doing a photography assignment with birds of prey from the near by raptor shelter the man who owned it set a lot of birds flying at me so that I could photograph them, he set all kinds of hawks and an owl in my direction, the hawks flew off in another direction but the owl came straight for me !

I answered in a comment on a previous blog to my good friend (soul sister…yep, that is subject of another blog I need to write ) that I suddenly remembered being in a childrens home, it was a huge mansion in a wooded area and I loved to hear the owls in the woods, they would lull me off to sleep, a few years back my audiologist gave me a noise machine to help with my tinnitus, it plays many different sounds all through the night, rain, thunder, whales etc, the one that I always choose is the owl ( there is a strange story about that audiologist which I also blogged about somewhere on here )

I have noticed that since I realised owls are my power animal , they suddenly seem to be all the rage again, my grand daughter has loads of items with owls on

some people will know what I mean when I say that this also could be signs of “visitations” and it shows that they have been visiting me all my life which is common for “subjects of visitation” I will not say any more because that part of it is for my book, but it seems they have been preparing me all along


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as we are nearing Samhain ( Halloween) and there as just been a discussion about black cats being “sacrificed” by sickos at Halloween I thought I would post this, I worked as a vet nurse for the RSPCA for years, many black cats cannot get rehomed and end up getting euthanised due to the stigma that still exists in regard to black cats and witchcraft !! well I am a witch and my “familiars ” are two ginger cats and a tabby/with ginger , I wanted a black cat again ( I always gre

w up with them, we had a one eyed one called Lucifer…do not freak out, the name was a JOKE because she was a little demon) but Goddess Freya came into my life and I am so glad that she did,,, IMPORTANT : as people are worried about their cats being victims of sickos at halloween I shall be doing a universal protection spell for all my friends cats (if you can give me your cats name and maybe a photo that would be a great help) if you do not want me to add your cat to the spell just let me know, that’s cool, all it involves is me sending out protective energies, I will be doing it the night before halloween at 11pm UK time , if you can spend ten minutes with your cat if possible at that time it will give the spell more energy, if you are away from your cat at that time you could concentrate your energies on a photo of them ..I do not do bad spells, I am a huge animal lover as you know, I will do anything to protect animals, that is why I worked as a vet nurse for the RSPCA and had to deal with some of the most sickening sites you do not want to imagine : (
moons . and . runes @
putting ” cat spell” in the subject line
this is a GOOD spell and I can accept no responsibilty for anything untoward that may
coincidentally happen to your cat
I do not do BAD spells, this is a PROTECTION spell only
oh, your cat does not have to be black !! any colour or breed is fine




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