me holding Arwen Rose

I would like to announce the birth of our first Grand child, a girl called Arwen-Rose

she arrived on 6 October 2012

making her a Libra and her Celtic moon sign is Ivy

she was born on a “hunters moon”

I was quite psychic when it came to the early stuff, like knowing my sons girlfriend was pregnant and the sex of the baby but I was way out luckily with the date of birth, I really thought she would be three weeks early, I am so glad that she was not, she was however 8 days early, I roughly got the time right but that was about all

however, the day of her birth I did try out a Celtic oracle wheel in my magazine and got this



which was quite spooky because we were not expecting her to come early, also I had arranged a meet up with one of

my friends and said to him “providing Amber does not go into labour” and she did !!!


also in that magazine issue

Arwen Rose is quite clearly one of the new generations of Indigo children,

just like my brother, my sister, me and my son Arwen Rose was born with her eyes in focus !

she is what is known as “an old soul” babies who are like that are usually described as having “been here before”

you can see by this video just how alert she is for a baby who was not even a day old yet

click here for video

she is clearly watching me and all the time we were there she was so alert that it was strange

she is going to grow up spiritual because both sides of her family are pagan and into psychic things

I would not be surprised if she is one of those children who has an “imaginary friend” most psychic kids do

and they are NOT talking to imaginary friends, they are talking to spirits, if they are not told to stop that then

they grow up and stay psychic

She was also properly smiling which is very rare, my son did that when he was born and the midwife said that about 1 in 20 babies smile properly, as in not a “windy smile” that they seem to do when they need burping !

as you may of guessed she has quite a hippy name, this is the meaning of it

Arwen Undómiel was the Half-Elven daughter of Elrond who was also known as Arwen Undómiel or Arwen Evenstar in Middle-earth

welcome Arwen Rose

congratulations to my son Nate and his girlfriend Amber

to learn more about Indigo kids go to my “indigo kids” category or have a look at this website



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