for about a month I have been getting in a temper with my new blogger site, I was having loads of

trouble with backgrounds and most of them ruining my layout, I must of tried about 200 backgrounds

(probably annoying my friends in the process) none of them worked right or looked right.

I finally settled on one that I loved because it had a moon and after all my religion of Paganism follows the

moon phases, I had tried various witchy backgrounds but all of them were way too halloween

and then I noticed the designers name in tiny writing at the very bottom


spooky…my new cat is called Goddess Freya and she has been living with me for a week,

I wonder what the odds of this are ? it is not exactly a common name



  1. The universe giving you a (Y) up I believe, lol!!!

  2. (Y) should be a Thumbs up…sorry….

  3. And I think that background is very nice. I was just admiring that when I visited. I love the kitty to 🙂

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