my precious Lily Beth, now gone to be an angel

we were in the living room and clearly heard a cat miaow right in the middle of the room four times, the boy cats were upstairs, Goddess Freya was in my bedroom, so maybe Lily Beth (RIP) visited from the spirit world to see why we had a new cat, I really miss Lily Beth and it has been a long time since she has paid a visit from the otherside




  1. How lovely LilyBeth came to visit & see Goddess Freya.
    My Mingflower came to visit regularly after she went to the Spirit World…she kept watch over me during my grieving & watched me foster Sage -Smudge.
    Once S-S was back at the Shelter & Nylablue came to live with me Mingflower was there nitely!!! Nylablue would sit bolt upright & follow something moving close to the ground! After a few nites I saw a golden orb….about 1/16th on an inch in diameter…Nylablue saw it too & jumped off the couch & went to it & touched her nose to the orb….it was then that Mingflower materialized in front of us!!!!!! I was gobsmacked as you can imagine & Nylablue was entranced…..
    This happened regularly. Even after moving to the place we are now Mingflower came to visit ALOT!!! She still drops by from time to time & we can both see her just for a moment.
    Many times I think it is Nylablue & go check & she is sleeping on my bed so it isn’t her…
    We are so blessed to have our kitties come visit us!!
    Oh my I do go on don’t I???
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Sherri-Ellen


    1. you do not go on at all dear !!
      I love your stories
      this one is so wonderful : ) it brought tears to my eyes, it shows that your cats have been truly loved by you
      Lily Beth has been seen quite a few times, just a quick flash of a vision, beardie has seen her too
      we hear her a lot
      the boy cats do not really make noise, we know the difference between them and Lily
      the golden orb is fabulous, gold orbs are angelic and rare to see,
      how cute that Nylablue touched it with her nose,
      thanks for these stories, keep them coming : )


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