I have had a flashback. I now know that owls have always been in my life ! these things have suddenly come back to me….that macramé owl is very similar to one that was hanging in our kitchen when I was a child, yes I know owls and macramé were all the rage in the 70s but it was the only owl thing we had

I was searching google for some nice owl pics and came across the night light picture, well I almost dropped my laptop..I had a night light like that ! it was kind of jelly like rubber, how could I have forgotten that ? it used to protect me at night

another thing that I remembered was that when I was doing a photography assignment with birds of prey from the near by raptor shelter the man who owned it set a lot of birds flying at me so that I could photograph them, he set all kinds of hawks and an owl in my direction, the hawks flew off in another direction but the owl came straight for me !

I answered in a comment on a previous blog to my good friend (soul sister…yep, that is subject of another blog I need to write ) that I suddenly remembered being in a childrens home, it was a huge mansion in a wooded area and I loved to hear the owls in the woods, they would lull me off to sleep, a few years back my audiologist gave me a noise machine to help with my tinnitus, it plays many different sounds all through the night, rain, thunder, whales etc, the one that I always choose is the owl ( there is a strange story about that audiologist which I also blogged about somewhere on here )

I have noticed that since I realised owls are my power animal , they suddenly seem to be all the rage again, my grand daughter has loads of items with owls on

some people will know what I mean when I say that this also could be signs of “visitations” and it shows that they have been visiting me all my life which is common for “subjects of visitation” I will not say any more because that part of it is for my book, but it seems they have been preparing me all along


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