as we are nearing Samhain ( Halloween) and there as just been a discussion about black cats being “sacrificed” by sickos at Halloween I thought I would post this, I worked as a vet nurse for the RSPCA for years, many black cats cannot get rehomed and end up getting euthanised due to the stigma that still exists in regard to black cats and witchcraft !! well I am a witch and my “familiars ” are two ginger cats and a tabby/with ginger , I wanted a black cat again ( I always gre

w up with them, we had a one eyed one called Lucifer…do not freak out, the name was a JOKE because she was a little demon) but Goddess Freya came into my life and I am so glad that she did,,, IMPORTANT : as people are worried about their cats being victims of sickos at halloween I shall be doing a universal protection spell for all my friends cats (if you can give me your cats name and maybe a photo that would be a great help) if you do not want me to add your cat to the spell just let me know, that’s cool, all it involves is me sending out protective energies, I will be doing it the night before halloween at 11pm UK time , if you can spend ten minutes with your cat if possible at that time it will give the spell more energy, if you are away from your cat at that time you could concentrate your energies on a photo of them ..I do not do bad spells, I am a huge animal lover as you know, I will do anything to protect animals, that is why I worked as a vet nurse for the RSPCA and had to deal with some of the most sickening sites you do not want to imagine : (
moons . and . runes @
putting ” cat spell” in the subject line
this is a GOOD spell and I can accept no responsibilty for anything untoward that may
coincidentally happen to your cat
I do not do BAD spells, this is a PROTECTION spell only
oh, your cat does not have to be black !! any colour or breed is fine






  1. The same is true here in Canada…black cats always get adopted last! Drives me crazy!! A cat is a cat…& black cats are just as wonderful as other cats!!!! Thank you for the protection spell. Just knowing there was protection made me feel better altho’ no one comes here for candy…
    Like you I remember when I decided the kind of cat after Mingflower…..the Universe then gave me NYLABLUE!!! Silly Human thinking I knew what I was doing, ahaha!!! I am so grateful that NYLABLUE came to me!!!
    I am glad Goddess Freya came to you; she is a ‘purr-fect’ fit for you!!!


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