as you know, there was a strange story about how my cat Goddess Freya chose me, well check this out

I had loads of stuff on my bed because I had been charity shop hunting, she was fascinated with this mini altar kit that came in the mail, there were better things on the bed that a cat would be interested in but no…she liked this

so it looks like I may be able to train her to be a real “familiar” and take part in my circle / rituals !!!




6 thoughts on “LEARNING TO BE A FAMILIAR ?

  1. Wow Freya is very intuitive isn’t she? My Mingflower used to love participating in Smudge ceremony when I did it.
    Nylablue wants no part of it!!! Fire up some East Indian incense & she is all over that, lol!!!


  2. I forgot to mention NYLA is Sanskrit for Dark Blue (her fave color) & she loves watching/listening to Bollywood movies on the telly…I have a connection to India so it all seems to tie together…. 🙂


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