I had one of my sudden urges to go to my go to my favourite curiosity / charity shop which is 7 miles away, I did not know why I felt I had to go there, but go there I did, and my eye was drawn to this from across the other side of

the room, and there is LOADS of stuff in that shop, this figure is only a couple of inches high so it is amazing that I saw it, it had a label on it “strange figure”

“I do not know what it is ” said the lady at the til

“oh I do” I replied, ” it is Cernunnos, the Pagan nature God”

I paid quite a lot for him because I need one for my altar, I just could not believe my luck

here is another Cernunnos statue, he was the PEACEFUL Pagan nature God that the church used and called him Satan to scare people into going to church but I will not get into a religious debate, just giving you some history



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