I meant to say : in the early hours of the morning I was terrified, I was trying to buzz my husbnad but for about ten minutes my arm would not move to reach the buzzer, just that arm so it was not sleep paralysis, when I did buzz him and he got to my room I was holding out my arms with my hands palms up saying ” they just visited, the bastards just paid me a visit” ( I have a triangle in the middle of my right hand , which was obviously what I was showing him ..those bloomin triangles ggrrr ) he said I did not look myself, damn things, we thought “they” no longer bothered us, some of you will know what I am talking about, the rest of you will have to wait for my paranormal book that I am writing

you can probably guess what it is about, the picture is a give away., I tend not to write about that part of our lives here because I need to save something for my book, needless to say, we have hours of footage, tons of photos ( that have been examined by UFO experts) and some hair raising encounters , all will be revealed (and it is mind blowing and bizarre ) and no we are not crazy, it is very common for psychics or those who work with the paranormal to be subject to this kind of thing, and I am also saving an amazing experience that I had with the Magician David Blaine for my book and one of Jack the Rippers victims,also something along the lines of a UK  “chupacabra” that we have evidence of, I also have proof that I have been a guinea pig for ultrasound and infrasound ” weapons ” and been led to a D.U.M.B (if you do not know what that is, google it ! ) and I have been “watched” because I can remote view ……people will just be baffled at the things we have experienced !!!

a best friend of mine is a top class UFOlogist ,she has written a book, when ever I was in her company we would be followed by black unmarked cars or helicopters !

I will mention that I was on a TV programme briefly and also in the paper but that is all I am telling you for now, we have been subjected to being followed, having mail intercepted and visits from strange people , all of which is common with this kind of thing, and quite laughable to us rather than frightening as it is meant to be ; )

here is a teaser : our son was having visits as a small child, he woke up one morning with perfectly round drill holes in his knee that were not bleeding, we have photos but they are being saved for the book, three doctors could not explain it but some “abductee” specialists were amazed we have HUNDREDS of photos of triangle markings  on all of us, so as nice as it is to have the psychic gifts..having the visitation gifts along with it is not so nice

if you have any encounters of this nature and you want to contact me, please feel free



I do not think this image enlarges enough for it to be read but it mentions me being the founder of a paranormal group and being on an investigation with a well known UFOlogist ( the fact I met him was weird in itself and there are weird stories about him also to go in my book )




    1. thank you, although my theory is that the particular ones that visit us are government made and controlled, aaarrgghhh I so wish I could write more about it here , but I will be sending you some really scary audio that I would like your opinion on in the next few days xx


  1. Hello Eevee: I remember being ‘visited” as a child by ‘beings’ that were sort of like us but different. They would gather around me & buzz/chatter away to each other. I was not afraid of them altho’ I was paralyzed during their visits. I don’t remember them ‘doing’ anything to me invasive rather they were curious…I remember trying to talk but couldn’t so I sent them thoughts….THAT surprised them. Maybe that is why they never examined me?? They visited alot & in fact showed me their spirit bodies. We communicated in thought pictures; it was very cool. Once I hit puberty (10 1/2 yrs) they stopped coming to visit….
    I guess I talked myself into believing it was all a figment of my imagination….but I KNOW it all really happened!!!! I sure miss them….


    1. wow, that is fascinating, it is nice that you were not scared of them
      I am petrified of my ones but probably because they have done procedures on me that probably messed up my fertility
      (oh I so must finish writing my book !! )
      I have heard that it is common for them to stop visiting once puberty arrives


      1. no idea but I hear it is so they can move on to the next generation, it stopped with me at 17 then they started on Nate when he was 4, they stopped visiting him when he was about 16, I just hope they leave Arwen Rose alone !!
        they still visit Beardie and me though , and we are ancient lol


      2. That makes sense Eevee.
        I hope they leave Arwen Rose around too….
        LOl you & Beardie are NOT ancient…
        The OTHERS (as I call them) find the paif or you fascinating…


      3. I remember Nates “alien ” experience so clearly, when he was only little, he said he saw me and daddy in a bright light reaching for him as he went up to the sky !!
        his first spirit encounter was worse ,he was “smacked by a nasty man” and that is what made me get the ouija board out with my friend , we did not have a clue what we were doing and ended up with a nasty poltergeist that flitted between our flats, we had to call the top poltergeist guy out as I have mentioned, he said it was happening for a reason, some of it by me..to get me onto the paranormal path, he was right !
        Nate was about three and a medium that came round said he would grow up psychic, and he did, the rest , as they say…is history !!


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