once again I was drawn to my favourite second hand curiosity shop and got some bargains that totally suited me ( remember, it is a second hand antique shop so I never know what is going to be in there from week to week )


a book by one of my favourite authors, I have about 2000 paranormal books and I like Ian Wilson because he is scientific without being too sceptical, I paid £4 for this which is quite a lot for me but it is a hard back first edition


a beautiful brooch that will go just lovely with the Wiccan robe my adopted Mum in America is making for me ……


but psychically and obviously the very reason I was drawn there was to find this amethyst egg, I have been really upset that my husband lost the amethyst from the top of my hand made wand, he lost it in the garden and it was no where to be found, well this egg is even better, it is a perfect size and shape

so getting the urge to drag my half crippled body out of bed ( I have been in a bad way with my legs lately ) and go the seven miles was worth it just for the egg alone : )



  1. Great finds once again Eevee…love the brooch….oh 7 I ws thinking maybe the amethyst that got lost was meant to be an offering to Mother Earth & then the Universe gave you one in return; even better than the original…what do you think???


    1. I lOVE that idea : ) thanks for that, well she certainly has the lost amethyst I think it got swallowed up by the mud, I was just a bit upset as it was my first ever crystal, maybe she is letting me know that I am no longer a beginner


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