my husband has a very serious meeting tonight with our neighbours from hell and some mediatiors, our neighbours from hell have helped deteriorate my illness with their industrial DIY for three years, drumming, rampaging children etc etc etc they have had no consideration for us at all and it is pretty disgraceful behaviour considering she is a mental health nurse and he works with disabled children ! anyway it has now come to this

so I decided to do some online readings quickly and you could of knocked me down with a feather :

(my comments in bold text )


Following the phases ~ moon love


Moon Phase Update ~ 20th November 2012

Good morning :0)

Our moon is approx 47 % of full and is now in the first quarter phase. This is a time to take action as we are receiving the power from the universe to move ahead, urging us forwa

rd and gifting us with the opportunity of a turning point yes, we hope so. It is a time for laying foundations in readiness for further work towards our Full Moon plans which I have to keep to myself for now. This time is often regarded as a ‘crisis point’ it sure is after six years of hell as it brings the excitement as well as the uncertainty of taking any new action that is how my hubby feels as he is the one entrusted with this meeting as it is usually me that sorts things out, so this is new to him. With trust in our intuition as well as courage and confidence something he has lacked over the years but found since he started learning about Paganism / Wicca we can overcome the past the last six years ? and self doubt he has suffered with that alot and move forward fearlessly rather than make our decisions based on our fears or self protection.he has always been one not willing to “rock the boat ” as he thinks it will make things worse

The moon is still moving through Aquarius and is gifting us with an increase in intuition, creative ideas and highly original thinking the way he has discussed with me about dealing with this meeting has been original thinking for him. Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and at this time we may find that we are drawn to improving society in some way, donating to charities or signing up for some voluntary work or cause we already did that recently by signing up to volunteer work with owls. Aquarius sees idealistically what could be possible, dreams of a new world with everyone as equals our neighbours have not treated us as equals with equal influence, fairness to all up til now they have had more rights than us because they own their home and we do not, no greed they have been greedy by making it impossible for using my garden and getting peace and no starvation but lacking in the practicalities. We may be rather unpredictable at this time, we don’t seem to react in the way that we ‘normally’ do I think my husband will surprise both me and the neighbous with his attitude tonight and often have the urge to travel to work a different way or change a recipe ‘just to be different’. At 14.31 this afternoon (GMT) our moon goes ‘void of course’ and then flows into dreamy Pisces at 16.54. With our moon in sensitive Pisces our emotions are increased and we become more receptive to others feelings.hopefully our neighbours will finally have empathy towards my illness ? As our emotions predominate over common sense it is better to to do something that requires imagination, creativity and inspiration rather than cool logic. Our bodies are more receptive to alcohol and medicines so please be aware of that, we may also have an unfavourable reaction to junk food as our bodies are also more sensitive. We feel drawn to music, we flow and merge within its vibration, we become lost in art, appreciating on deep level and gaining new understanding. Pisces leads us to dream and encourages us to rest. Try and find some time to relax, read, meditate or have good long soak in the bath.

Tuesday is governed by the Red planet Mars the God of War and Conflict how spooky !! we have been at war for six years, Mars is Action! The energy of Mars is effective, fast, eager and able, ready and willing to meet the tasks presented. Mars want to get things done, right now.FABULOUS, just what we need Mars will push, prod, motivate and inspires with undistracted focus.which is what my husband needs as he has always been a pacifist and not trusting his own abilities to communicate Mars represents our drive and motivation, assertiveness and anger. I have told him he needs to show assertiveness and slight anger but nothing that will get him into trouble

The magickal colour for Tuesday is red symbolising energy, passion, strength, courage I think he is very brave for taking this on, physical activity, creativity, warmth, and security we are not feeling secure in our home until this is sorted out,it is also associated with aggression there has been a lot of that. In Egypt the meaning of red was associated with the glowing deserts and was regarded as a symbol of evil and destruction; we hope this means destruction of the neighbours behaviour the scribe, for example, used a special red ink for bad words. As the colour of the crown of Lower Egypt, however, red had a positive significance.

The Angel that governs Tuesday is Camael, ~ “a name that personifies divine justice” YES !!! that is what we need. He has always been associated with Mars, the Red Planet and God of War,hence his day is Tuesday, the day of Mars.we did not know that and we find it no coincidence that the meeting was booked for a Tuesday In the angelic hierarchy of nine groups, he is Ruler of the order of Powers. Call on him to aid you in the righting of wrongs, for support with justifiable anger in a worthwhile cause and to help clear blocks from the past. WE NEED ALL THAT !!

Basic Magick for action, change and insight. Spells to inspire passion and energy such as boosting confidence which my husband seems to have found : ). Mars is a warrior, so if you need a spiritual battle, this is the day for it. Tuesday is also a good day for protection spells



The Sun:Happiness, success with the meeting we hope and glory. You will experience great joy in all you accomplish my husband will certainly feel better about himself if he gets his point across. Love affairs and relationships will be joyful for you. Good health and vitality is yours. Summer is a good time for you. This card also represents children so perhaps good news is on its way as regards to children that I can see my Grand daughter more often ? I hope or a new child will be conceived soon. will that certainly does not apply to us, does this apply to my son and his girlfriend so soon ? well I did get a double egg again the other day


oracle: your gaian tarot reading


The Opportunity The Challenge The Resolution
20 – Awakening
Getting consciousYou have the opportunity to raise your consciousness and “wake up” in some way. Perhaps you will make a commitment to eating locally-grown organic foods, or perhaps you will begin a new spiritual practice. You now perceive yourself to be part of the global community. You know that your choices and actions affect the entire web of life, and you live your life accordingly, as best you can. As you continue to open yourself up to the life of the Spirit, your heart is filled with compassion and you begin to let go of the judgments and criticisms you have made in the past. To live in alignment with your deepest, most authentic Self is not possible without the help of spiritual allies. It’s this knowledge that keeps us humble. You know that your life has purpose and meaning, and this gives you deep joy and peace. Service to others may not have been part of your life in the past, but it is now. When each person gives their own unique gift to the world, the entire fabric of the planet is strengthened and enriched.
19 – the Sun
Radiant joyYou are being challenged to let your light shine in the world. You may find a big smile on your face. With a huge burst of energy, your spirit is shouting out a great big YES! Perhaps you have accomplished a long term goal or are receiving accolades and attention for the good work you have done. You are healthy, energetic and enthusiastic with a warm and generous heart. It’s time to celebrate and get out and play in the sunshine. Sing, dance, make love, let your creativity flow. Shine on!
12 – the Tree
Letting goResolution comes with letting go. You are no longer in charge of your life. You must surrender to the flow. It isn’t a time to resist, for everything is out of your control. Give it up. Your world may feel like it’s been turned upside down. You can fight this reversal — you can go into it kicking and screaming — or you can surrender with grace and take it as an opportunity to see your life from a different perspective. It is a time to take no action, INTERESTING !!other than meditation and prayer. Learn to be still. During this time of suspension and waiting, you may discover within yourself the gifts of inspiration, enlightenment and unconditional love.


The Past:

A new beginning

The situation has its seeds back in its very beginning. Although a good start, and blessed by fortune, perhaps it was begun a bit hastily, or maybe the changes it caused came as a surprise. Reflecting on the beginning of the situation in this light may help you understand the current circumstances.

The first of the Ogham trees, and traditionally the first to have Ogham carved upon it, birch symbolizes beginnings. As both a protector and a gateway to the Otherworld, it also indicates good fortune. There is some risk of hastiness and rashness as well; while good luck can compensate, foresight is also of benefit.







The Present:

Blessings and insight

While misfortune may come, you have some protection from it. This protection is partially the result of outside good luck and assistance ..the mediators ?; your accurate knowledge of the situation gives you the insight you need to defend yourself and others when necessary. we have researched the law regarding our situation

The Rowan is the second Ogham tree, and is known for its protective qualities, particularly against ill-wishes we know those have come from the neighbours and misfortune. Rowan also symbolizes the protection one’s own insight and knowledge give one.


Red and Grey


Unicorn and Bear



The Future:


As you learn more about the situation, remember that all is linked together. The situation is a part of a wider whole, and your life is a part of a larger pattern. Appropriate knowledge and correct action result from understanding as much as possible of these links, and basing decisions upon this understanding.

Ash is a tree of great traditional magical significance. Yggdrasil, the World Tree, is an ash, and the ash is the fifth Ogham tree. Ash symbolizes the connection- and movement- between very different places and aspects of reality.


Clear Green






Rewards – Divine Guidance Oracle Cards

We have lift-off! Energetically and physically, things are about to take-off in your world. Hold on to your hat. All your hard work is about to pay off. Whatever your venture is right now, there is a great movement coming. Things are about to sky-rocket for you. Good things do come and this is your time to enjoy them. You have done the work, now it is time to reap the rewards. Congratulations!

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