the meeting mentioned in previous blog did not go well : ( sometimes readings are not correct, but in this case it was my husband who did not follow the readings meanings…he tried his best

so the sight of this beautiful owl on the top of my facebook feed when I logged on cheered me up

right now , the way I am feeling : ( the sight of this owl at the top of my feed has cheered me up..thank you owl, my power animal ♥
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In flight
Permission: National Geographic


5 thoughts on “OWL TO THE RESCUE AGAIN

  1. OWL is watching & helping as best He/She can…..I am sorry the mediation meeting did not go well. When you are up to it plz email me & tell me what happened….I had such a good feeling about this meeting 😦


  2. I hear you about the time difference…..I just got here (8:15 pm Thurs. nite); you’re probably tucked up in bed!!!!!!
    I am really happy you are going to owl sanctuary Monday!!!!!
    ((HUGS)) S-E.


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