MARK OF WW2 BOMB : do you know who this could be for ?



I often wake up with not very nice marks (to be explained in my book) and marks that mean things, like the time I go the mark of a dice on my face and it was to do with a murder case I was working on

well this one has really baffled me

it looks like a World War 2 bomb

OR the R101 airship, I would understand that due to my past life thing (see past lives blog category) but it is a few weeks late, the airship crashed on 5 Nov and the funeral was on the 11 Nov, that is the explanation to this mark which I think makes more sense

BUT it could be that someone who fought in WW2 is leaving a message

do you know anyone who died in WW2 on this date (26 Nov) ?

it is on my left leg so that person may of been injured in that leg, lost that leg or died from complications due to an injury in their left leg

do you know anyone who fought in WW2 and survived the war but died on the 26 Nov any other year ?

because if this means anything to anyone I may be able to get some spirit info for them, sometimes I get tested like this, I will get markings or symbols but not know who they are for so I have to ask around, when the right person is found I get more info


2 thoughts on “MARK OF WW2 BOMB : do you know who this could be for ?

  1. I went thru my papers but found nothing to indicate Nov. 26th was an important day in my family…so this is not a sign for me….hhhmmmm…I wonder who it is for. I suspect someone you know or will know…like the way Kevin came to you.
    Mind you with your airship experience could it be for you???
    I sure hope you solve the mystery!!!!!
    Sherri-Ellen. xo


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