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Following on from blog earlier about my psychic kitty, she has now after three months of living here decided that an antique hand coloured photo of a baby boy is truly fascinating !!

I wonder what it is saying to her !

she often watches that area of the room and I only just realised it was the photo she was staring at all that time



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Our cat Freya is becoming more and more like a “familiar ” every day

the other night I had finished making my Goddess runes and they were laying on the bed

Freya too great interest and you will see by the video that she just sat by my side staring at them, you may think that is normal cat behaviour and that any cat will look at shiny stones, true but she was showing a strong dislike to a certain stone and pushing it away, yet she pulled a different one closer to her !

2012-12-23 03.48.11

this was the stone she did not like, a bit odd considering it is pyramid shape and the fact that cats were seen as Gods and Goddesses in Egypt

2012-12-23 03.19.47

2012-12-23 03.19.53

here she is pushing the pyramid stone away

2012-12-23 03.01.39 - Copy

this was the stone she chose, the very same one that I had chosen way earlier in the evening, so no it was not seconds before and she could of been picking up on my body heat..the stone was cold

this stone symbolises HOME/HOUSE, we are hoping that Freya was saying she likes living with us (she has only been with us for about three months) she could also have picked that one because at the time we were having paranormal activity in our house which she was clearly picking up on, apart from her looking at a fly, there are parts where she is staring in the opposite direction and she moves her head to look in the same direction as a paranormal noise we were hearing

Cats are very psychic beings, they are great spirit detectors in houses

my paranormal group started taking dogs on investigations way before “ghost hunters” or “most haunted” ever did, shame we did not copyright that idea along with the other one we had that used EMF meters as communication devices (way before the TV teams) I also came up with a “living residual” experiment about 9 years ago that I do not think anyone else has done yet, I did not copyright it but I do have an email that I sent to Dr Ciaran O Keef the parapsychologist from “most haunted” telling him about it and also one of my theories about “the hum”

sorry, went off on a tangent there !

I have always wanted a cat that will be my “familiar” and sit in on rituals, Freya is already showing great promise and is fascinated with the tools of my trade, as you can see from this video she seems to be able to sit still for long enough too

click here for video

(text copied from my facebook )

the audio is loud..must learn to hold the phone away from me when I am using it !! so turn your speakers down, but you will see how Freya was seeming to get vibes she did not like from a certain stone !! she then proceeds to chose another one, then she chooses the very SAME one that I chose earlier in the evening, the rest of the video is us talking about paranormal activity that has been happening and at around 10.55 you will hear a voice under mine saying HEY, considering that we can get whole sentences when doing EVP it is not terribly exciting for us but some of you may like to listen, it sounds like our resident spirit Dennis

WAITING LIST over Xmas and New Year

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please be patient if wanting a reading, dream analysis, Celtic moon chart , paranormal investigation

at the moment my mind is not in the right place because my baby Gran daughter is poorly : (

and I also am having a bad time with my health issues

also my Sons birthday is around New Years day period so I will be busy

I endeavour to start working again properly in the second week of January 2013

thanks for your patience and do not hesitate to contact me, I can put you on the waiting list


blessed be 


ELEMENT RUNES AND GODDESS STONES (and a quick reading re my problem)

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over the last few days I have been making more oracle / rune sets

this top set is a tiny elemental rune set that fits in my handbag


a larger set of elemental stones, these can be pulled out when you need to know which kind of “power” you need to resolve a situation, i.e if you have a problem you may need to fight it with FIRE (not so much anger as in assertiveness) or AIR ( you may need to do a lot of talking, you may need to get some space first and clear your head ) WATER (you may need to take a cleansing ritual bath or go somewhere in nature where there is a water source to clear your head and gain insight) EARTH ( you may find that grounding yourself by walking barefoot on the ground will help you to face your problems with strength) SPIRIT ( perhaps you can communicate with your guide, or look deep into your own spirit by meditating)

you will notice that these are all the elements that the pentagram symbolises



I also made a set of Goddess runes, yes you are seeing correctly, there are stones with male and female genitals on, they can be advising you to ask a male or female for advice, they can be telling you which kind of spell could help,,male : a sun spell or female : a moon spell

there is no need to follow books when learning any kind of runes, you can get the basic idea then you will make your own meanings

for example, there have been a few family problems lately in regard to my Grand daughter, I asked who could solve the issue and pulled out the female stone


so that is telling me that either myself, my Grand daughters mother or another female relative can ease the strain of the situation..I do know that I have been misunderstood and need to talk to babies Mother to clear some things up, so it was rather amazing to pic that out of all the stones the first time that I used them

the small element runes are made on tiny wooden branch discs that I bought from ebay, I have made larger runes with larger ones

the other runes are made with shiny river stones that have been painted with chrome paint and then given lots of coats of artists clear laquer,

you need not spend a fortune on runes, often it is best to make your own because they will from the very start be imprinted with your energy

if you buy them from a shop or get them from someone else be sure to cleanse them first, many Wiccan sites will tell you the full cleansing ritual which is long winded

but an easy way to do it is wash them in spring water (bottled will do ) then leave them out in the light of the full moon for a night



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I have been getting more oracle kits to try, this psychic one is very unusual and is made

by a psychic whose biography I have read

one of my coincidences this week involves one of my magazines again

remember me saying the other day that I had to buy another Bast/ Bastet statue and that my Goddess Freya cat showed a big interest in it, well in my magazine was a story about a woman who had a cat that she swore knew it was a God and she bought a Bast statue in memory of him.



then there was a story about a woman who was a dental nurse and worked out her illness

may be from working with dental amalgam from a dream she had..just like me !!!


I opened another new set of oracle cards and shuffled them and could not believe the amount of cards with owls on them !! SIX


although these cards are teen ones I liked the art on them