All right here goes with the dream…..any thoughts will be appreciated….
The dream started in my previous apartment (H****Apartment)in Hamilton where I used to live. I lived in this building twice for a total of 8+ yrs. It is currently in a terrible state of decay (see pic).
In the dream I am moving back in & my friend J& her hubby A & their adult kids are helping me move boxes/furniture in. We are going from room to room & there are like 10 rooms  (in reality it was a one bedroom place). Each room is a mess needing cleaning & painting. We are all happy tho’ despite the mess. We enter the kitchen & I am looking out the window of the door into the back parking lot & see 5-6 feral cats & a few kittens all hungry & meowing & I was pretty shaken up. They ran up the stairs right to my door crying & meowing. Then A peaks & says, “What’s that in the corner?” I look & a very sickly Opossum comes out from a hole in the wall. He looks awful….I am scared (which is not like me) & I open the back door & he slowly ambles out…the cats go after him…..
I kind of woke up for a moment & then the next part of the dream I am standing in the same parking lot & I sense I’m being watched. I go to walk back into the building & am hit from behind & black out & fall down…
I awaken (in the dream) & I am drugged & tied to a bed! Fully dressed.
A young (late teen/early 20’s) girl comes into the room & starts talking to me about how it won’t hurt….that it is nothing personal & she wishes she could help me get away but she can’t….I can barely grasp what she means & I try to get up but find my wrists & ankles bound to the bed.
She leaves the room & returns with a medical tray & it has 3 SYRINGES on it filled with 3 medications: 1 is clear liquid;  1 is pale yellow liquid & I think the 3rd is green liquid,…..I realize I am going to be killed & I start shaking & sobbing & keep asking, “WHY?? WHY??”  The girl keeps talking to me like I am a little child & telling me it will all be over soon…
Then a man walks in & it is Keith Allen (British Actor) & he has a lab coat on & he is laughing like a maniac……I scream at him to free me & to let me go & he laughs even harder……
I was so scared I sat bolt upright & almost threw up I felt so scared!!!!
Any ideas? I have been looking for biographical murders/videos for my Nephew who is going into Forensic Pathology….I watched Robin Hood Saturday & Keith Allen is the Sheriff of Nottingham & he reminds me of my nasty pedophile stepfather….
I usually have GOOD dreams when I dream of the old H****apartments. This is usually my ‘safe place’ in my dreams.
I know the feral hungry cats/kittens means something & the Opossum (I will check them on Dream moods & my Aboriginal dream book).
I just don’t understand the dream…is it a warning?? just jibberish? (don’t believe that for a moment)…..oy my head hurts!!!!!!!
Have fun figuring this one out….


  OK well this is my interpretation and you may not agree

derelict buildings symbolise how you see your mind or health
the many rooms symbolise choices in life, do you have something you are struggling to come to a decision about ?
cats, (the cats are calling because they want you to look after yourself better, they are feral because you have helped feral cats in the 
past and they now want you to take more care of yourself and well they are security to you,
 the opossum signifies an ex husband/ partner or male friend I think..he is in a bad way at the moment and reaching out
the fact that he comes out of a hole in the wall means he feels trapped in either his home or body/mind
seems he will come through it though as you saw him come out of the wall
you are scared of the possum because I think you had a volatile or even abusive relationship with that person
not sure if I have this straight, did you watch the Keith Allan thing before your dream ? if so I would say it is just feelings you got
from the film and nothing more
the three syringes, one signifies cutting out all your meds (the clear one) one signifies taking too many (the green on) and the yellow
one sygnifies your normal intake
this could be a warning that you are taking too many drugs ! that you need a break to try something different so that you do not get
a build up of toxins in your liver ( do not mean to scare you ..it is a common problem..I have to get my liver tested once a month because
I worked with mercury and because I am addicted to panadol and used to overdose on a daily basis..not to kill myself but to get rid of the 
it is a shame that you did not see which syringe was chosen ! it does not mean you are going to die but I can bet you have worried about
it a lot lately ? the young girl is you ( she does not have to look like you in the dream..dreams like to puzzle us and make us look into them
more ), when you were healthier, she had come back in time to check up on what you are doing , how you
are coping with your illness
the reason you were tied down is because you feel tied down by your illness, also you are stubborn so the past you knew that you would
have to be restrained to give you the three choices
well the reason you saw the paedophile style Keith Allan is because obviously you will never truly get that out of your mind
he was laughing because the evil person he is knows that the trauma of him was one of the triggers to your illness
he was dressed as a doctor because when we are sexually abused we detach ourselves from what is happening, and we have almost
clinical feelings about it at the time, also he was dressed as a doctor because he was letting you know that what he had done, and triggered
your illness would lead you to doctors
the reason your old apartments now look scary is because you are picking up on someone who used to live there and they had experiences in
that building, another reason is the body/mind scenario….like I said, buildings represent your body/mind and choices in life, you feel about
ready to give up just like whoever owns that building has given up with it, dereliction scares most people (not me obviously or I would not be
an urb exer lol ) you were scared to look at the building because you do not like looking at yourself on your bad days, you also feel
you say it used to be your safe place and no longer is
that is maybe because your mind used to be a safe place where you could escape into fantasy and block out the past, but with the migraines
and foggy brain you do not feel safe in your head (does that make sense ?)
your friend is helping you move in because she has helped you sort your “rooms” out, she is a good listener and has helped you sort the]
rooms in your mind
you are moving back there because you felt happy there, and you moved in when the building was in a state because you WANT to sort
out the rooms in your head, but you need your friends help some more
OR you are feeling that you may have been taking her for granted (you have not !! ) you may just feel that way, in your dream you are trying
to help her distance herself for a while (that is NOT what she wants, believe me)
which floor of the building was it that you were in ?
was the whole building derelict in your dream
the top floor symbolise your head / mind
the middle floor your torso and arms
the lower floors your legs
the ground floor your feet
if the ground floor was derelict you are not feeling grounded, if it was not derelict you are grounded
the parking lot part, the person behind you was your guide, it is them who knocked you out, why ? because they did not want you to
actually see the dream because they did not want you to worry, you have enough to worry about
the fact you were drugged is the same thing, your guide was hoping that if you were drugged you would not remember it
this simply seems like an anxiety dream to me and I think you ARE anxious even though you will not show it
I will be amazed if I am wrong (be honest with me) but I do feel you are thinking about all the things in the dream and you do rather “paint over”
your true feelings, hence why you mention the building needed painting
hope none of this upsets you but if I was not honest I would not be doing my job properly
thank you for trusting me with this, and once again I am sorry it took so long
Holy Crap Bananas: My Sister you are bang on!!! I mean so right on the money I am speechless……I am gonna go thru this point by point….
Right about buildings & what they symbolize….I am wrestling with 3 decisions at the moment & 2 of them are health related..the feral cats symbolism makes ‘purr-fect’  sense….
The ex is J my exfiance. I just called him & spent 1/2 hour talking to a very drunk man who was yelling at me…yep J is the possum for sure….he is a unmedicated paranoid schizophrenic & he almost killed me in ’06 in a black out….
At first I thought it was my friend M but he has never been abusive to me…..altho’ he is feeling trapped because of his Fibro & other health issues…he is sane so I doubt it is him…..
Keith Allen as the Sherriff scares me as much as J did almost 7 yrs ago….I had watched the show a few nites b4 but Robin Hood is not a scary show…Keith Allen DOES look like T my STEPfather the pedophile & violent abuser….
Wow the 3 syringes is very interesting & makes sense as I had taken antibiotics for 4 months with the dental issue….I felt toxic Sept/Oct. Have felt better tho’ since. I have been careful to not over do meds & in fact have had more pain & not taken Codeine the past few weeks. (Seeing Doc on 13th & will ask for liver enzyme blood test!)
Being tied down because of illness makes sense.
I wondered if the young girl was me….ah ha!!! It is becoming very clear!!
I agree Ju is a good listener & has helped me make many decisions & sorted out my rooms for me. You are right I identify with H**** Apts. totally. It is abandoned & derelict & unwanted or cared for which I feel alot of the time from family & J(obviously) & friends/cousin who abandoned me….
H**** was always my safe place esp in dreams. I’ve NEVER had a bad dream of that place….which is why I was so upset waking from this dream.
Oh & I sat bolt upright b4 I could see which syringe was picked up first…..
I was on the 3rd floor of the building….I lived on the 3rd floor 2 seperate times in my Life. In all my previous dreams the building is in various stages of reconstruction. The ground floor is always in tact as are the mailboxes….just the hallways need to be painted as did my apartment & the hole in the wall fixed, lol….
From the outside the building looked fine…..like in it’s heyday!!! Not a brick out of place….
As for being knocked out….geez I wish my guardian would have been a bit more subtle, hahaha!!!
I DO always put on a ‘brave face’ to the world…..my Therapist used to call me a ‘smiling depressive’. She said I had learned to do this from a very early age….appearances were everything.
I have been struggling with Depression again as you know…..& I am struggling with mobility issues…I am staggering alot & have fallen a few times in the past month. My Chiropractor says the nerve damage is progressing & I am in trouble…..
My knee surgery was postponed due to health 2 years ago & then the BP issue came up…..I need surgery on my knee because I can’t walk more than 3 blocks b4 my knee slips out of place or I fall….
You are also right that I don’t want to burden Ju because I am afraid I’ll lose her too…which I won’t as we are true friends….
In fact I dreamt of her every nite this week! When I saw her yesterday she said I was worried about her but she was fine in Florida….I think I was worried something ‘bad’ would happen & I’d lose her friendship from circumstances….boy I sound like a wack job don’t I???
I am also worrying/thinking about moving to my Sister’s; dealing with my Niece altho I think I sorted that today.
So you have sorted this dream out for me brilliantly….thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
I know you have been hurting alot & I DO appreciate you taking the time to sort this dream out for me!!!!






  1. The dream still haunts me over a week later…..I made a decision to not attend a Housing Tribunal meeting as I also felt there was a warning in the dream for me.
    My ex J is definitely have a rough time….
    My friend M has turned on me since the dream & is acting very odd….
    All in all your interpretation was ‘bang-on’!!!


    1. I am glad you did not go to the meeting !
      sorry about J, do you think he will pull himself together ?

      isnt that strange that your friend M has turned on you..that is just what my friend M did to me
      I think I should add this to our soul sister blog ?
      once again thanks for permission for allowing me to practice on you and allowing me to post your private


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