I have been getting more oracle kits to try, this psychic one is very unusual and is made

by a psychic whose biography I have read

one of my coincidences this week involves one of my magazines again

remember me saying the other day that I had to buy another Bast/ Bastet statue and that my Goddess Freya cat showed a big interest in it, well in my magazine was a story about a woman who had a cat that she swore knew it was a God and she bought a Bast statue in memory of him.



then there was a story about a woman who was a dental nurse and worked out her illness

may be from working with dental amalgam from a dream she had..just like me !!!


I opened another new set of oracle cards and shuffled them and could not believe the amount of cards with owls on them !! SIX


although these cards are teen ones I liked the art on them




  1. Hello Eevee:What a fabulous blog!! I love the new deck of cards; the illustrations are lovely & so many owls…I swear they are all around you…..kind of takes the breath away!!!
    I love the story about the lady who felt her cat was a god; I felt THAT way about Mingflower my previous Siamese….we had such a close relationship….she was definitely my familiar…
    like you & Freya….
    I am fascinated about the ‘Indigo” info….I do a Gratitude list daily…..part of my recovery process…I am wondering if I was/am an Indigo child??? HHHMMMM.
    (((HUGGIES))) Sherri-Ellen.


    1. thank you

      I am no longer baffled by all the owls, I get the message that they are in my life for a reason now lol..they gave me enough hints

      Mingflower…that is such a Goddess like name

      oh you certainly were an Indigo , well the same as me..a lightworker, anyone born before the second war to 1980s is a lightworker, then it is Indigo (like Nate) then crystal I think ( my sister Aisling) and now they are star or rainbow kids ( Arwen Rose) I never do get it the right way round


  2. Years ago I saw a Tower card with an owl on it and eventually tracked it down to the Sorcerer’s Tarot by Lo Scarabeo–that has lots of owls too if you don’t have it. Beautiful watercolours too.


      1. true, it is all a matter of finding ones with the right vibration for you that is why I do not agree on the old wives tale that you should never buy your own cards, how can someone else find the ones that are right for you ? and then of course they pick up that persons vibes and need cleansing


  3. I remember when I kept seeing snapping turtles everywhere when I hit puberty….my Mother brought a Steiff stuffed trutle home named SLO & told me my adult totem would be snapping turtle from that point on…..she sure was right, lol….
    Horse was my childhood totem & is now a helped along with Badger….
    When I rescued her she was just MING which seemed pretty bland….after 2 weeks she ‘blossomed’ in my care & the name Mingflower came to me!!! She responded to the name instantly so I believed I found her true name… 😉
    WOW I have to read more about light workers…..
    A question: My Father was born in 1917….during WW1… there a classifcation for people born then as he was so special???
    I have so much to learn 😉 xo S-E.


    1. oh my gosh, so sorry I did not get over here til now : (

      I was not aware that totem animals can change as you grow up, interesting

      Mingflower is such a pretty name and yes I do believe you found her true name

      even though your Father was not born during WW2 or after he would still be considered a lightworker because I think that is when the classifications for people like us were invented, unless you can find out otherwise, I would be interested to know if you do


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