this is strange,  my husband went for a walk to the shop and this card was on the path in front of him,

KING..our son has just changed his surname to that

KING could also symbolise that he will be “King” at work..i,e he may get the managerial promotion he is after , or this could even symbolise the fact that he is going on “X Factor” next year and it may be that he gets to the top on there ? who knows !

SPADE…he is in a lot of trouble with his rent (through no fault of his own and is about to be made homeless) he also has other personal issues..I am hoping the fact that this is a spade because it is showing he will be able to “dig himself” out of trouble at the last minute, rather than digging himself further into trouble !

BLACK…of course he is having “black days” because of his problems and he is actually signed off work with depression : (

BLACK : I recently referred him to a particular M.P in our area who just so happens to be a black guy, maybe this is showing that he will be of assistance to my son and help him out of trouble with his housing situation ?

or maybe my son could try contacting the Black relatives that we have, they may know of somewhere cheap for him to rent because they were born and grew up in our town and probably get to hear about things like that before anyone else

another coincidence is that he is coming over for dinner today for the first time in about four months

also, it is his birthday tomorrow

this is not the first time that playing cards have featured as signs for us, we had an incident with David Blaine and cards(will be in my book)

the tarot equivalent of spades means “sword” or “dagger” depending on which kind of tarot cards you have, obviously to me this straight away symbolises what happened to him with the stabbing incident, I know he needs to talk to a therapist about that because he did not do it at the time, maybe it is his feelings about the incident that are actually the main issue with his depression ?

it also symbolises fighting obviously, I think that this time he is more than able to fight for his rights and to get what he deserves in regard to housing !! usually I have done all the fighting for him but this time he has done it alone by writing an excellent letter to the M.P

some fortune tellers use playing cards for their readings, I have never tried it myself

but lookout for signs like this….things that you may find …they might be trying to tell you something





the very next day my son did get help with his housing situation and he has now “dug himself out of a hole”

also my husbands interpretation to this was right, he said it may symbolise gambling, which I thought was too obvious but it turns out that my son placed a bet and won £75 and got a scratch card and won £25, I just hope it does not turn into a habit

he was played on BBC radio a few days later and also asked by someone running an anti bullying campaign to contribute to a charity single

and he got the hours he wanted at work, not the promotion yet but he really needed to shorten his hours due to ill health and he thought that he would not be allowed


4 thoughts on “PLAYING CARD FOR MY SON

  1. Hi Eevee: Before I received a Tarot card deck to use I did use playing cards to do divination work!!
    I feel only positive vibes from this card & your interpretation of the reading!!!
    Altho Nate has struggles he can & will overcome them!!!
    I hope you have a lovely visit today!!!
    Sherri-Ellen. xoxo


  2. Evee so glad to finally find you. I had lost touch with you after Carl passed on I couldn’t cope very well and wasn’t in any kind of mood to do anything. I’m doing better I still have a few set backs like Christmas, my birthday, thanksgiving, our anniversary, new years I just have two more huddles then I might be okay…I still miss him every day I don’t think that will change anytime soon. The last I heard about you is when your grand daughter was born in October. So it has been a little time since we have talked. you can reach me here at under mlblogsredsoxlady35. Drop me a line and let’s catch up okay. Love Kat


    1. hi Kat,
      I am soooo happy to hear from you, I have thought about you and wondered how you are
      I totally understand how you have been out of the loop for a while, that is understandable
      (( hugs))
      it will be so nice to catch up more
      just followed your link, there does not seem to be a way to actually contact you, all I am getting is your gravatar profile,,do you have a blog page ?
      I saw your comment on King Arthurs court, you will probably like my blog post about Tintagel


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