Oooh I forgot to tell you
I had a strange dream about you last night
I was with you in Canada and I said to you ” it is very like England” it really did look the same as here
We had great fun trying out seances and ghost hunting
There was a street called Bakewell Road or something that we had to walk down to get to your house
On the corner of that street was a gren grocers selling lovely exotic fruit and veg
You said to me that you wanted me to meet a psychic/ spiritual lady who had a crazy method using ribbons !
We went to see her, she said that I had a black entity attached to me and she cleared it away, exactly how she did that
Using ribbons I do not know, although I know there is a divinatory method for using ribbons and they are sometimes used in spells
My grey Burmese cat Polly was in the dream and she was playing with your MingFlower : )
The psychic lady went on holiday and asked us to look after her business, we were successful at removing demons
From various people but there was a man called Keith who took some sort of drugs that he inhaled through a plastic
Bag, we could not help him with the ribbon magic and his girlfriend turned up and was ranting at us that we had made him worse,
I could see a baby in the womans stomach,
We decided we would need to do a full exorcism and we were at a library with a round turret type room at the top on the corner of the building…we researched exorcisms and then tried it on the man but it still did not work
When the psychic lady came back from her holiday she went crazy at me and started blaming me for the unsuccessful exorcism on the man, as a punishment I had to go and paint every room in their house black ?
Then I was back in England at an old school friends house contacting the spirit of her brother who was on drugs
And committed suicide ( that is actually what happened to him in real life)
How weird is that, does any of it mean anything to you apart from the obvious stuff
My part of Canada is quite like England in many ways.
Not sure about Bakewell Road as our streets are all numbers….my street Was Mill Road b4 it became 14th St. I will have to check if we had a Bakewell Road here….
My Great Grandmother Sarah Cadesky & the Rabovsky family (my Zaida) had a Green Grocer like Open All Hours on 3rd Ave. East north of 10th St. E. MANY years ago….
I think the spiritual lady could be a long time friend of mine called Linda who had a store downtown for 3 yrs. The ribbons are baffling….
When Linda had the store I used to store sit for her….
2011 when our friend Gary died of Appendix Cancer @ age (same age as Kevin). I always liked Gary a lot….maybe you are picking up her thoughts?
I had a boyfriend who huffed glue from a bag back in ’96/’97 (after Paul died). I was asked to help him & I of course failed. Wonder if this was Carl? I don’t know any Keith here??
Could the guy be a combo of Carl & Kevin?? This IS very puzzling!!!!
The only part of the dream I get is Polly playing with Mingflower 🙂 That gave me warm fuzzies!!!
Other than what I have written I have no clue as to what this dream means?! Maybe you are just dreaming of us teaming up! It would be brill….lol…


  1. This dream you had of us has alot of double meanings & overlapping too!!
    During the years after Paul’s death (Apr, ’96) until I married Kevin in Oct. ’99 I did date a glue huffer. I tried desperately to help Carl but to no avail. Gary gave me alot of advice about dealing with the situation & ultimately told me I had to send Carl away to rehab (which I did). His sister Colleen & her hubby came to pick up Carl’s things & she made a huge scene screaming at me that Carl’s huffing was my fault (?). I had forgotten about all this drama….
    I reread my diaries & ‘Linda’ was also in the mix screaming at me to get rid of Carl…
    Exit Carl & enter Kevin….no one knew whether to like Kevin or not….Gary told me he LIKED Kevin & he would be good for me as long as he stayed off drugs…..
    Kevin was clean for almost 3 years & then went back out using & ultimately committed suicide. Gary was very supportive after Kevin’s death & was a shoulder to cry on…..
    The reference to you having to paint ‘Linda’s’ rooms black could mean the end of relationships; sort of ‘blacking’ things out….I am sure there is another meaning that I am missing so will have to do some research & get bak to you here with what I find! S-E.


    1. thanks for the update
      very useful, so the woman in the dream screaming that we had made things worse does link in with Carls sister screaming at you !!
      and I think you are right about the black room too, very interesting
      I really do not know how you managed to stay sane having to deal with all that !! xx


      1. All my research on dreams/rooms/color black lead me to believe this dream was about relationships ending, betrayal, malice & ultimately death.
        I get this sTRONG feeling I am telegraphing things to YOU via dreams!!!! Has anyone else ever done this with you???
        I used to be able to do this with ‘Linda’ who owned the store…..
        As to staying sane…well I am so used to drama it was ‘normal’ back then. As to the spiritual/dream realm this is also ‘normal’ for me…….
        My normal is another person’s CRAZT, hahaha!!!


      2. I can teleathically share dreams with Nate but that is understandable
        did I tell you about the time I was fast asleep, beardie was sitting up in bed next to me reading and Nate was in his room watching TV, he was about 14 then
        in my dream I was being chased and I was screaming
        in real life Nate came running into the bedroom, woke me up and asked why I had been screaming !!
        I assumed I must of been sleep screaming but Beardie said I had been perfectly silent

        I do agree with your interpretation of your dream


      3. I DO remember you telling me about THAT dream!!!!
        I wonder if I would have had that link with my children had they lived?
        My Nanna & I had a strong telepathy bond & there was also a triad of telepathy between my Mother & Nanna & I (when my Mother was sane).
        Paul & I had that link & I always knew when he had ‘bad’/scary dreams & vice versa.
        Those dreams where I am sure I am screaming aloud & wake myself up & find Nylablue snoozing beside me always freak me out, lol…..
        So we have this link also?? Very cool!!! I hope I don’t wear you out tho’! 😉


      4. you would of had that link yes, I am certain
        I have read a couple of fascinating books about psychic kids and when I am dealing with clients with kids that are struggling with abilities, I always recommend that they watch “psychic kids” which is a great tv series, I dunno if you have seen it
        I like teaching kids to handle their abilities
        I am not at all surprised that there was telepathy between your Mother, you and your Nanna
        you cant wear me out lol

        did you ever read the blog on here where I jokingly said I would give Beardie a black eye and one appeared !


      5. That is lovely to know!!!! I know when I met Phillip & Justin & Shawn they all addressed me as ‘their Mother’…so I DO believe in this psychic linking….
        I have never heard of that series…it is a shame we don’t have it here!!!
        My Mother’s side of the family were highly developed (maybe that is why my Ma was crazy at times?? too much for her to handle??) My Nanna told me my Great Grandma Sarh (her Mum) was also very gifted….
        My Father was more pragmatic but we did have our own little link…..
        I miss having that connection altho I can make Judith call me & I know what Jon is doing most of the time, lol….


      6. I truly believe that a lot of people diagnosed as mentally ill are struggling with being psychic hence why I wrote the article about it
        I wrote how I tested a psychiatrist !!! lol
        I mean how easy is it to diagnose some one as schizophrenic when the voices they hear are spirit ? it is scary to think that not enough psychiatrists are Jung followers, well I will not repeat everything that is in the article.
        you come from a long line of psychic people
        as far as I know, I was the first , then Nate , then my sister Aisling, and next it will be Arwen Rose


      7. I do too; altho I DO know people who are actually mentally ill. Then there are people like my Mother who was both which makes things very difficult to diagnose & sort out!
        Thank you!!! It is wonderful to be a part of something so amazing! I only wish my health were better so I could work more with the gifts I have.
        Do you think maybe there were others before you but they shoved their abilities down; denied them?? Maybe that led to all the bad stuff that was heaped on you??? just a wild thought that ran thru my mind!?


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