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sometimes for fun I do online readings for myself, I felt that I needed to do one because my husband had a serious meeting with our MP (member of parliament ) about an authority that has ruined our lives for 12 years, we want to expose them and have been trying to get help for years and years to no avail because they seem powerful enough to shut us down at every turn

anyway, we have a lot of information and evidence on them that suggests some very very strange goings on that the public need to know about, so I was shocked to read the part about not saying too much at this time for fear of being labelled ” crazy”

that made me shudder because the people I am talking about actually got me a “crazy” label from the mental health team, long long story but it was done to cover their backs so they could go around calling me crazy when I tried to tell people what was going on

I have since had the crazy label lifted from my medical records but not only do we need a legal case against the people I am talking about but we also need to open a misdiagnosis legal case against the mental health team

sometimes these “fun” reading applications can be uncannily accurate !!



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I have so much to catch up on here but I have been unwell and I have a hospital admission this weekend !!

but here is one of those little coincidences that I love so much

I had been photographing my cat Freya in a paper bag

then a few hours later I opened one of the psychic magazines that I buy and saw thisImage