sometimes for fun I do online readings for myself, I felt that I needed to do one because my husband had a serious meeting with our MP (member of parliament ) about an authority that has ruined our lives for 12 years, we want to expose them and have been trying to get help for years and years to no avail because they seem powerful enough to shut us down at every turn

anyway, we have a lot of information and evidence on them that suggests some very very strange goings on that the public need to know about, so I was shocked to read the part about not saying too much at this time for fear of being labelled ” crazy”

that made me shudder because the people I am talking about actually got me a “crazy” label from the mental health team, long long story but it was done to cover their backs so they could go around calling me crazy when I tried to tell people what was going on

I have since had the crazy label lifted from my medical records but not only do we need a legal case against the people I am talking about but we also need to open a misdiagnosis legal case against the mental health team

sometimes these “fun” reading applications can be uncannily accurate !!


9 thoughts on “UNCANNY READING FOR US (re M.P )

  1. Oh Eevee: We sure walk in the same mocassins don’t we?? I was declared ‘mentally unstable’ by the Medical profession when I was 16 (where I used to live). Fancy my Ma (with her Psyche issues) found Psyche Docs who would hang that label on a teenager!! I was finally declared ‘mentally stable & fit’ in 1995, over 20 yrs after that diagnosis.
    Left me scarred for Life (as I am sure you know.)
    As for the reading the Universe will send messages thru various means as we both know. I am glad you are being watched over & guided!!!
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Love Sherri-Ellen/


    1. lots of us were labelled that , hence why i started my study “psychic versus psychiatry” we just scare and worry those people so it is easier to label us , never mind what it does to our lives *sigh*


      1. Hi Eevee: I was never as ‘unstable’ as the Psyche people thought I was!! In fact when I went for counselling the last time around I was told even with my issues I was saner than most sane people!!!
        I wonder if my Mother ever felt remorse for what she did?? I had to live with that label for many years. I am lucky I got as far as I did professionally!!
        I think the Docs were so scared of her they did what she wanted to shut her up. Sad but true!!!!
        All I know is I AM a Survivor!!!!! 😉
        ((HUGS)) & Love ❤


  2. none of us ever are, in fact we are more stable than those who label us !!
    I am not sure about your Mother but I know my Mother is not capable of remorse ,
    I can see that being true about them wanting to shut your Mother up but that was not fair on you,
    you are correct though, you are a survivor xxx


    1. LOL I had learned to laugh at myself & to speak up for myself for the most part. So the Therapist just had to help me make peace with my past which was monumental!!!!
      I remember when my Mother realized she beaten me bloody she would cry & beg for my forgiveness….but that depended on which personality she was….all I know is I was utterly terrified of her…..which is so very sad; no wonder I became so messed up. If a girl can’t trust or rely on her Mother she is gonna have a sh*te life & I am living proof of that!!!!
      There was laot of ‘catering to’ my Mother in the 60’s 7 70’s. Even the Psyche profession wanted rid of her. Temple wanted rid of her. Only her theatre & music friends loved her & they saw only the “Jacqueline Queen” persona..
      I labelled myself a ‘survivor’ when I walked into my 1st 12 Step meeting & have worked to become whole since 1988 😉


      1. obviously I do not want to discuss my Mother on here because I do not want the wrong person stumbling upon it
        but you know that in many ways our relationships with our Mothers have been very similar
        it is sad that Mothers can be like that but do you know what..because they were it has made us the nicest people, bigger than them and with much more to be proud of !!
        love you loads


      2. 😉 I know I learned ALOT about mental illness & went for my degree in Pyschology & maybe all the negative helped me become a tolerant & empathetic person.
        May my Mother rest in peace…I do LOVE her in my way….the best bits!!!!
        ((HUGS)) & thank you for sharing with me as always. S-E.


      3. did I tell you that I studied psychology too ? another link we have but cos it was mainly Freud based I was disgusted and dropped out haha
        yes, may your Mother rest in peace,
        (((((( hugs ))))))


      4. Oh that is right…LOL we are so alike!!!! We covered everything…..I found modern pysche works best for me!!! 😉
        I sometimes feel my Ma from the Spirit World….she is calm & radiant….thankfully….


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