My son has had some HUGE music news, following on from his live performance on BBC radio he was put forward to attend the BBC “master musicians class” which is being run by worldwide famous musicians and BBC radio DJs !!

he did not think he would be able to attend because of the fact that it is in Wales and not exactly up the road, he does not have much money,

so I have promised to fund it because there is NO WAY he is missing that

anyway, here is another little sign from the universe

this is the venue he will be attending

notice how one of the words on the front almost spells out his daughter ARWENS name and it is his song about her, called “Arwen” that I feel will be the one that gets him recognition

in fact on the pic it looks like it says ARWEN SING !!!. is he being told to sing the song about Arwen when he gets there ?

Imagepicture credit “z tec” on deviantart

we have been “cosmic ordering” for something like this to happen for our son, of course we do not take credit for it because his talent alone does that , but we do like to think that maybe we helped push things along a bit

I am sooooo behind with my blogging here but just had to tell you this !! : )


nate master class email


the email he got from the BBC, I think you can click on it to enlarge it



  1. Looks like the Universe is dayin “Come on Down Nate & sing your song”!!!! How verycool is that???? ❤

  2. I meant SAYING!!!! Damn ‘auto Incorrect’, hahaha!!!

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