When OWL appears

someone else who has had spiritual signs from owls : )

Aligning With Truth

The Universe is always sending us messages. Always.

The messages take many forms — a book, a conversation, a song, a film, an encounter, trees, plants and flowers, insects and animals.

The signs are all over and everywhere.  All we need to do is pay attention and use the opportunity to hear the message.

I’m a huge fan of Ted Andrews, international metaphysical author and teacher.  Through his books and writing, I’m able to see the hidden messages from nature and animals when they appear in my life — in actuality, dreams, or photos and images, as is the case with OWL this month.

On January 9, photonatureblog, a Nature and Outdoor Photography by Jeffrey Foltice followed my site. It’s an incredible site and a feast for the soul! Do check it out here.

When I visited his site, his most recent post was an image of Snowy Owl.

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8 thoughts on “When OWL appears

  1. Hi Eevee: Remember when you were discovering OWL was your Spirit Animal (totem) & how EVERYWHERE you went of looked there were owls….it was amazing!!! I loved how they were so persistent until you realized what they meant to you….isn’t it cool how the Universe provides answers for us if we pay attention??? Love Sherri-Ellen


    1. I know, amazing it sure was, because I used to be petrified of birds !! now I am volunteering with them
      it was like the owls were saying that if I helped them they would help me : )
      I did not even list a quarter of the owl signs that I experienced because it was getting ridiculous !
      it was nice to read this ladies blog that shows that owl has shown itself to someone else spiritual


      1. 🙂 I really enjoyed all the OWLS revealing themselves in so many different ways!!! I too enjoyed the ladies blog about Owls…it is nice to find kindred spirits out there isn’t it??


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