You may of read in previous blogs about our strange link with the Witch story from our village, then my Son managed to get a flat on the site of the prison that the witches were held in

well, here is another witches coincidence

after living in a hostel for a few months my Son and his girlfriend now have a new place, this time it is a council flat which they are more able to pay for than the very high rent in the private place they were in before. anyway

guess where they were allocated this place ?

well, if you look in the photo, that is the view from their living room and the field that you can see is where the gallows were that the witches were hung on !

in fact hundreds of years ago the site of my Sons new place would of been part of that field,

we just cannot escape the link with the witches

previous blogs about it



      1. 1066…WOW!!!! That is amazing!!! Our history; our White history is only 300 yrs old at most; the Aboriginal history much older…..
        I adore British history; watch ‘Time Team’ alot to learn more about UK… 😉


      2. Oh Eevee i LOVE the photos of the eagle monument…there is something ver magical & eerie about it all!! You take such fab pix too & capture the feeling of Norman Cross!!


      3. My 2nd hubby & I used to go on paranormal investigations….he was VERY astute & could sense spirits easily! We even uncovered a murder….
        I miss those days 😉


      4. We went to a place called Waubashene for holiday weekends & we found an abandoned house & we did some snooping inside….we felt the presence of an entire family….we then did research about the place & the family….turns out there was a family there & the children were murdered & the Mother disappeared & the Father was a recluse who also disappeared…the house was fully furnished & the girls rooms whad all their toys & books….it was so strange!!!!
        Provincial Police warned us off so we never die get to do a seance like we wanted…..


      5. oh wow, just my kind of place
        it is so eerie when toys are still laying around
        what a dreadful history, no wonder you sensed stuff, did you take any photos ?


      6. Not only toys; closets had clothes in them…aged & moth eaten but still on hangers. Dishes on the table; it was if the people just disappeared into thin air just b4 lunch time!! We tried to take pix & here is the WEIRDEST part: NOTHING developed…(this was back in 1980 when we had film cameras, lol). We shot a rol of film…it was good film & yet al the pix were black!!!! We went there 6-8 times & nothing ever changed. When we spoke to the Police they told us the house was haunted & EVERYONE was TERRIFIED to enter the house???? I have to say that entire town was freaky; we could feel spirits everywhere & even see them!!!
        Unfortunately David & I were only together + married for a year so we never did uncover the mystery…I can’t remember the families name anymore but they were of French Canadian heritage & the Father came originally from Quebec….


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