there is a story behind this ring of mine that I only just started wearing again

16 years ago when my engagement ring broke I got a replacement , I am actually allergic to gold so I chose this silver one on an antique stall in a market in London, it was not my usual thing , I wore it for a few years then put it away, I knew nothing about crystals/rocks or gemstones then apart from the fact that garnet is my birth stone and that was what my old engagement ring had in it

not long after I got the ring a Gypsy stopped me in the market and told me I had “Wicca about me” I did not have a clue what she was talking about, I bought some of her lucky heather and went on my way

at the time of buying the ring I was going through fertility problems,I did not know it then but moonstone is a stone for fertility, obviously because the moon is feminine and the moons phases match womens “cycles”

fast forward to now and I am Wiccan and getting into crystals, I have been buying moonstones to use in my work, I wanted a plain moonstone ring so I had a look on ebay and found all these examples

as you will know if you read my personal blog I forever go to charity shops, antique shops, boot sales and markets, I have never found another ring like that and come to think of it, I have not actually seen any moonstone jewelry apart from on ebay



this one (above) is VERY like mine






so it seems that I have always been drawn to moonstone !



  1. There are always such cool coincidences with situations & items in your life!! I have always wanted a Moonstone but have never found the ‘right’ one!!! I could have used one of them 40 yrs ago too!!! 😉
    Wear your moonstome in good health.
    Love Sherri-Ellen ❤

    • I have so many coincidences with items, it is getting beyond ridiculous lol

      • I prefer to think the Universe is reassuring you on a on-going basis to guide you along your path!!!!
        Love ya oodles!
        Sherri-Ellen xo

      • that is a nice way to look at it, thank you xxx

      • Hi Eevee: I often wonder what the Universe is doing sending ‘multiple messages’ & then I realize I am just being guided well. Also when we are ill or ‘shut down’ from the Universe it always seems to kick into high gear when we are ‘open’ to messges….kind of like checking your email after a week & finding 150 emails!!! Same kind of thing, lol….
        May the Universe always guide you!! (I know it will my Sister!)
        Love Sherri-Ellen ❤

      • and may it always guide you too ❤
        I agree with getting more signs when we are ill, I also get more spirit contact

      • Sometimes I can’t read the messages when I am ill. It seems the Universe gets pretty creative to get our attention so I always eventually get the message, lol….
        I don’t feel my spirits as much wehn I am sick,,,,that always bums me out 😦

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