a freaky coincidence …on Monday my Son came to visit with his fiance and daughter, we all sat out in the garden eating fruit, my Son suddenly decided to plant some pink lady apple pips, but all he did was poke them into the grass, I doubt it will work, anyway after they had gone my hubby was tidying up and dropped my tree oracle pack all over the bedroom floor, the only card that fell upright was the APPLE !

the meaning of the apple card :

bless others with a full and open heart,not only when you feel affectionate towards them but also when they annoy you.let your actions  reveal your sense of generosity,whether it is material,spiritual or emotional.

life is not always easy but do not let fleeting problems rob it of meaning and not hold on to anger or resentment because they will eat into your soul, greet each day with a loving heart and an open mind

although it was my husband who dropped the cards I feel that the card was for my Son because of the link with the apple pips

both right way up and reversed have meaning for Son, and the card actually fell sideways so I read both meanings,

he is NOT affectionate by any means ! Although he seems to try with his fiance, they were ANNOYING each other in my garden and it ended up with them having a water fight, his fiance was a bit upset and he did not hug her even though she was annoying him ! I know he can be generous but he does need to be more generous emotionally

he is not finding life easy at the moment due to his new job, trying to pay rent, and has been having minor issues with his music and even felt like quitting,
if he did quit his music it would rob him of something very important in his life, he has been holding on to anger and it is putting him in a depression, he needs to learn to talk to people

The apple symbolises health : he has just had a huge blood test and there are concerns that he may have a clot in his leg

biblically speaking we all (no matter what religion) know of the story about Eve being tempted with the apple, maybe Sons girlfriend is worrying about him being tempted by females when he is out playing music ?

healthwise the apple has the medicinal quality of reducing blood pressure, a problem that he has suffered from.
I could never get him to eat apples in the past, now he craves “pink lady” apples !

finally, apples used to symbolise fertility to the ancient Greeks, could it be that Son and his fiance are considering having another baby ?


UPDATE : see next blog titled CHERRIES for an update


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