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Posted in coincidences, psychic signs on August 20, 2013 by Psychic eevee

accidentally caught the end of a game show and two questions related to gran and grandad came up in a row, “P D JAMES” was grans favourite writer and she went to school with her RIVER GANGES IN INDIA grandad was on the HMS Ganges when he was in the navy ! this was on tv while I was crying about dog, ( I received an ornament from ebay to memorialise my dog who passed a foule of weeks ago) hopefully it means they were with me at that moment, got to love coincidences and signs like this, what are the odds of both of those questions coming up ?!
and another thing, I NEVER watch game shows and all the hundrreds of tv channels I turned that on




Posted in aliens and UFOs on August 19, 2013 by Psychic eevee

very strange mark on Chilis leg, he is an indoor cat and this looks like how a vet nurse shaves the foreleg to access a vein (i did enough of those in my time) you cannot see it properly here but it is perfectly oblong, this had


better not be what I think it is. it is bad enough that the humans in this house wake up with weird marks (cannot say more, got to save it for my book !) when we had a poltergeist it threw one of my cats into a door and we found her with a perfectly neat cut around her ear that looked like someone had tried to cut her ear off with scissors ! I am so glad I am equipped to get rid of those dark things now !!