very strange mark on Chilis leg, he is an indoor cat and this looks like how a vet nurse shaves the foreleg to access a vein (i did enough of those in my time) you cannot see it properly here but it is perfectly oblong, this had


better not be what I think it is. it is bad enough that the humans in this house wake up with weird marks (cannot say more, got to save it for my book !) when we had a poltergeist it threw one of my cats into a door and we found her with a perfectly neat cut around her ear that looked like someone had tried to cut her ear off with scissors ! I am so glad I am equipped to get rid of those dark things now !!


5 thoughts on “MARKS ON CAT NOW

      1. Glad Chili is doing all right!!
        Hope the nasties have been banished!!!
        Cicely (Ruth’s spirit) has hidden a few items again…it is hilarious watching her try to find the missing things šŸ˜‰
        Love S-E.


      2. the nasties have been quiet so far
        I forgot all about Cicely !! I have never understood why ghosts find it fun to hide things, it happens on 9/10 cases that I have been called out to deal with, I much prefer it when they do “apports” …where things appear from nowhere, like with the syringe, I have had all sorts of things appear on cases


      3. Hi Eevee: My Mother loves to hide things from me!!! She ised to put things in ‘safe’ places so when she wants my attention she hides stuff from me. it gets my attention all right!!! i start freaking out & swear a bit & the item always appears within an hour….at least we are having fun!!!
        I am not sure if I ever had anything appear. If so it was many years ago. I think maybe because of what you are things come to you so you can help people.
        Oh & I have to be careful where I put my rings…my Mother LOVES to hide anything shiny…just like a crow, haha!!!


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