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the night he played the festival that went VERY well and he was really pleased with it I did another quick reading to see what the future out come of it could be


I thought I would experiment and use four different packs
the ART DECO PACK (that already predicted him winning lottery money that night) showed a train JOURNEY could it be that the right contacts were watching and he will end up doing a tour, he has already gigged in London but this could mean further afield.
UNIVERSE CARDS,stated “the only way is UP”
ANIMAL REFLECTIONS showed a panther /guardian, I keep telling him he needs a manager ! or it could symbolise his Dad acting as an assistant who will keep fans at bay when he makes it big, he is already getting people talking to him after his shows and also asking for photos
this one gave me the shivers, it mentions listening to the music of the sea, well one of his songs he wrote was about a daytrip to the seaside and has the lyrics “settle down in a quiet seaside town” this may be saying that he should release that song first….also his spirit guide, the musician Ricky had links to Clacton on Sea and my gran and grandad lived there, right by the seafront ,(we also lived there for a while when he was a baby) hoprfully this is letting him know they are watching over him and proud

you can read more about my Sons spirit guide who was a musician and family friend in the “indigo kids” section



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before beardie took nate to the gig last night i did this quick reading : MONEY nate won £25 on the lottery after that !! FORTUNE : i am hoping that as the gig went so well he will get signed due to his performance there and make his fortune ! also did a longer reading that was uncanny..will post later



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I am so honoured and touched to have just been asked if beardie and i will be “godparents” to my bestest friends newest baby ­čÖé due to our religion though we will not be called “Godparents” but “guide parents” or “spiritual parents” i will be performing a “wiccaning” for baby which is a Pagan / Wiccan baby naming ceremony, it will be so beautiful and she is going to have a lovely hippy/nature name…..all my sadness about not having anymore of my own babies is vanishing due to the gorgeous babies that have come into my life recently image


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this is spooky, for those of you who know i have been worried sick about the fact that i was 90% sure he has fibro and / or m.e for years but he has refused to talk about it, well I did this reading without him knowing, i wanted guidance as to how to bring up the subject with him, well i got divine MOTHER / unconditional love : even though i am not divine i am his mother with the same illness, and i have been asking mother nature for her help and in our religion she is the divine mother, of course i have unconditional love for him, i will go to doc appts with him to ensure he gets better help than i did, and i forgave him unconditionally for the rages he used to have because i also used to have them when my illness first started….then i picked┬á JUDGEMENT higher self : in other words getting a diagnosis is a judgement of sorts, i know one reason he hides how ill he is brcause he does not want to be judged at work or lose his job, he needs to look to his higher self and seriously think about what it can do to his brain /higher self ! and finally DENIAL !! something he has been in for years..interestingly the card was reversed so said to me the denial will be turned right around…..Well get this…the next day he phoned me and admitted he thinks he has fibro /m.e and that he has found a doctor who agrees, so nate is getting all kinds of tests at last…hooray,,,finally, and he can catch it earlier and have a better quality of life than me brcause mine was left too long, what are the odds ? for at least five years i have been trying to discuss the possibility with him and he didnt want to know, i did the cards and the next day ( i had not told him about the cards) and the next day he confided in me that he thinks he has inherited it !!



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My grand daughter proved yet again that she is an indigo/crystal/rainbow kid

she just turned one last week and this is what she managed to do …..

(from my Sons Twitter)

Having a mild argument with Amber, then all of a sudden hear the voice of Siri say; “calling, Lilac Ward.” I then look down to see Arwen holding my iPhone making the call as if to say “please, take me back”┬á

I found it funny. 

of all the hundreds of numbers he has in his phone, of all the apps, home screens, photos etc that she has to navigate round !!

it ┬áreminds me of the time a few months back when she got hold of my phone and played “earths healing frequencies” app that I have, she had to navigate through FIVE home screens and about 80 apps to find that, how does she do it ?

she is too clever for her own good

an amazing baby, but then we knew that just by looking at her eyes the moment she was born

here she is with her Daddy recently, she is all growing up now


she know just what she is doing, you can see by this video (that I put on a loop because it is so cute) that she KNOWS how to make people laugh, notice the little smirk she gives at the end : )

It really sounded like she was yelling “and how do you expect me to play this !”

click here for video

we also have a video of her about a month ago impersonating three men in the family who were doing “THE GODFATHER” impressions, she even was copying their hand movements, like a stereotypical Italian gangster lol ( no offence intended)

she will be a really good mimic