PROOF OF DOPPLEGANGER !!! (someones double)

It has taken me a while to write this blog, I was SO SHOCKED !!

last month we went to a city that we do not often go to but i needed a place with better shops to get our grand daughters birthday present and while I was sitting in my wheelchair outside a shop having a ciggie I heard my Son busking, how strange , I thought, he never mentioned this, surely he is meant to be at work, what is he doing all the way in this city !!

then I realised it was not him, it was his DOUBLE or DOPPLEGANGER

now what is real weird about this is not only did he look like him but he sounded like him too, so much so I would of sworn it was my son , the only way I knew it wasnt was because his voice did not have as much confidence as my Son and he did not doing the booming notes that my son in known for…he sounded like my son did about three years ago before he got confident

from a distance I could see him and still at that point I thought it was my son




but my son no longer has long hair

this is quite eerie, my sons surname is visible in a reflection “KING”

I was so spooked that I simply had to go over and talk to the guy and tell him, it turned out he is usually in a band (my son is too) and that he had only recently started doing acoustic solo stuff, he had almost an identical guitar to my son

I could not  believe that he had the same sort of red Scottish beard as my Son and was wearing the same sort of clothes,very similar bracelets too, Alex is a common Scottish name and I do believe his Surname is Scottish too although I will keep it confidential here, My son is half Scottish

the difference is that this guy is heavier than my son is now, my son has lost a lot of weight but other than that you could swear it was the same person

he mentioned some gigs that he is itching to play at and they were all gigs that my son has played

Alex said that if I wanted to talk to him again I could usually find him busking in that location or further up outside COSTA coffee, my son has worked for that company for years, did not get to ask Alex if he actually works for them too

he let me take his picture to show my son


here are some pics of my son when he had long hair






I went on the guys facebook as he kindly gave me the details

and you could of knocked me over with a feather when I saw his photos

this is him, his name is Alex





you could of knocked me down with a bird full of feathers when I saw these pics


Alex pulling a face that my son often does

I could not find a matching exactly pic but this will do for now

this is my son nate



then this caused me to fall off my chair, what are the odds of both of these guys who do not know each other from Adam doing this


Alex with crazy eyebrows


Nate with crazy eyebrows

and then this pic made me shudder, alex messing around with a bandage round his forehead


remind you of something ?


my son when he was stabbed

here is a vid where you can hear Alex, friends of mine will immediately hear the huge similarity with my sons voice

click here for video

and here is one of my sons voice

click here for vid of my son

you can probably find other examples on his facebook (follow links when on there) of my son sounding even more like Alex, this is just a quick example

click for my son nates facebook

Alex was very nice and we chatted for about half an hour, I gave him my sons details because I had a vision of them doing a gig where they will do a duo !

on the way home in shock I was saying to my husband how I could see a duo working really well as there has not really been a good one since “the proclaimers”

and guess who was on TV the next day ???


yes, thats right…the proclaimers, have not seen them in YEARS

all the way home we kept seeing signs that could mean something to both my son and Alex :


I had said that they could both do really well in London together, my son has played some really good gigs in London but Alex has not gone that far out yet, and we saw this car with a “Spurs” sticker on it, well that is my sons fave football team and he grew up in Tottenham


where we had left our car I spotted behind my hubbys head PARK, well Tottenham hotspur football ground is on White hart lane and Park Lane in Tottenham

my mother in law used to live in Park Lane Tottenham

I had said to Alex that I reckoned that if they both got together and gigged London they could “kick some butt”

saw this sign on the way home


when we had got to the car there was a ladybird on the mirror, they figure a LOT lately as you will see by future blogs in my life of coincidences !!

this little one had three spots on each wing, three is my lucky number, ladybirds often symbolise luck


she would not leave me alone and all the way home she sat on my MOONSTONE ring, they are known for bringing luck


so for 20 miles !! she sat on my ring, I had to let her off into our garden lol

we passed KINGS delph

ROSE cottage (one of my sons songs is about his daughter whose middle name is Rose)

I had felt the urge to buy some scratch cards, I have never bought any in my life , we did not win anything but maybe if they made a record together they could get either of those large amounts as an “advance”

£10,000 0r £100.000 sounds about the right amount


I was so amazed by all the things that we saw on the way home that pointed to my son and possibly Alex that I had to write them all on my arm as I did not have a note pad


some may seem like insignificant words but I do not believe they are

we passed the GLIDING club, they would feel like they were flying if they got a record deal

we passed UPwood, are things going to look UP for both of them ?

we passed an industrial unit that made SIGNS

HERNE way is one of our Gods, and who we would “pray ” to if we wanted to help our son with the music

we saw a van with the number plate _____ HEX , well although that is a bad thing, it is the opposite of spell, we do spells to help with the music

EJB homes was on a sign, that is my initials if using my maiden name, am I being told to be my sons manager again ?

we passed a KOI farm, they are seen as lucky, my son has a big koi tattooed on his upper arm

OSBOURNE road, Son passed two auditions for x factor which Sharon Osbourne is on and if there had not been a giant mess up with him going through to the TV auditions I think Sharon Osbourne would of been his mentor

a van with YODEL on it, well that is a form of singing

a van with LIFE —on it…a long term partnership ?

I saw some seagulls flying over the fields , this area is not known for seagulls, they remind me of the sea side, my son was born near Clacton On Sea Essex and my grandparents lived there, was that a sign that from the spirit world they are supporting him

also my son wrote a song with the lyrics about “settling down in a quiet seaside town”

and another weird happening, I just had a break from writing this blog to watch the catch up edition of Eastenders at 10.30, which I never do, I am a big fan and always watch it at the usual time and the programme that was before it ended with the tv announcer saying “makes you want to not hear the word doppel ganger again” I mean what the heck !! how often is that word used these days ?

I shall update as and when these two meet as I am sure there will be lots more “coincidences” !!


10 thoughts on “PROOF OF DOPPLEGANGER !!! (someones double)

  1. Blown away!!! Seriously Si…there were so so many o=coincidences that can’t jsut be coincidences…I think there is soemthing in the works in the Universe for Nate & Alex….I do hope so!
    Remember the reading you did about my friend? Well we met at the Vet’s last Tuesday…we had a great ‘catch up’ talk. All is well…I just thouhgt it coincidental we met up in October 2013…..could have been any other month but it was the one you wrote about (altho 2014 is the year)….
    Please keep us posted about Nate & Alex,,,


    1. me too, I think I just sat there with my mouth open for the rest of the day !!
      ooooh that is funny how you bumped into her at the same time I said ( cannot remember saying that though , I will have to dig the reading out)


  2. Hi Sis: Please excuse the bad spelling before. Typing in the dark and not proofreading….lol…
    The reading your did for “L” said she would become ill in Oct. 2014 & that we would be back in touch b4 then on my terms…..
    So seeing “L” this past Octboer blew me away. I have to say she looked fabulous; the BEST she has looked in years. her skin was glowing & she looked younger than she had 10 yrs ago.
    We have spoken on the phone this year & the conversation went well & we spent 2 hours chatting….
    I can not find the reading in my folders so if you find it could you please resend?? Like you have nothing else to do, lol….
    Love you to the Moon & back Sherri-Ellen xo


      1. It is all right Sis…I have not seen or heard from “L” at all this year. One of their oldest bunnies passed this Spring & she was very distraught & I sent eCard & an email. Heard back once. I hope she is well….


      2. It is sad however the bunny was like 12 years old & she’d had a fab life! They had a 2nd bunny die & that tipped the scales…
        I’ve not heard a word & have just let things go…


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