My husband used to be as psychic as a teabag but since he has been joining in with my Wiccan work, hanging around with trees (do not laugh) and volunteering with owls, showing Mother Nature respect ! he has become more open,I was very jealous to hear his story

he took our Son to a place called Bury St Edmunds during the day time as Son had a musical course to attend, Husband parked up and decided to have a sleep in the car to pass the time, he could not sleep and got a sudden urge to look out of the window at a very old pub, he was shocked to see an old fashioned policeman in partial apparition state, standing outside the pub, he then had a vision of a rough looking man dragging a woman into the building,

two minutes later he saw the same policeman again, he said he saw him sort of just the middle of him from top of the head to knee, he described the police outfit which at first sounded like a police outfit my Grandad would of worn in the 1960s but on further description and being told the date that was on a nearby building I googled and found this


he said that was close but the buttons were down the middle of his coat,

the next picture I found fit the date of the building exactly


that was exactly the kind of policeman that he saw

this is the pub


the building next door, where my Son was is the one with the date on it and a strange wall that seems to be part of a different old building



this is the old wall with the date on a plaque and interestingly a six pointed star, which although is usually known as “The Star of David” is also used in magick and is seen in magical circles as one of THE most magical symbol of all..the hexagram

the triangle pointing up symbolises the male, the triangle pointing down symbolises the female i.e the God and Goddess in perfect unity

where as a pentagram, a five pointed star with one point at the top (it is Satanists who use it upside down because it symbolises the shape of a goats head) means one man or one woman, the top point being the head and the others being the arms and legs

or…usually on an altar a pentagrams points mean earth, air,fire,water and spirit

was it a hint to him to learn more about Wicca and Magick ?

Often the police are members of secret societies, maybe that wall originally belonged to a meeting place for a police secret society and they used the six pointed star as their own symbol ?

I am trying to find out what the letters in the middle mean, it does kind of look like a letter from the “Theban” which is the witches alphabet, it is NOT a rune that is for sure,

we know that the whiteish yellow building was an old wool factory, hence why it says wool on the plaque, but buildings go through many incarnations, seems this could also of been a secret society “lodge” which are usually numbered, may be that is why it says 

No(#) 266

this is very coincidental if it is to do with a secret society because myself and my husband research alot about those because of something to do with our personal lives,

I need to find some time to research this more, may even take a visit there in the summer


you can see the date 1792, the police mans outfit was of that era

so, it just goes to show, you do not have to be out in the dark ghosthunting with night vision, we see a lot of spirits and have got TONS of evidence with my para group during the day, think about it, a policeman would likely be walking his “beat” during the day, so if he still thinks he is alive and working he will be seen during the day


because I have shut down my main paranormal site (with seven years worth of evidence on it) waiting for a time I can remake it I shall be adding some paranormal stuff to this site now



  1. Eevee, thanks for passing this along! I hope the three spirits your husband saw will be able to move on. Also, I would like to know if you find any more information on the marks in the sign with the Star of David. Since the building and sign do seem to be associated with the wool industry, that might be a good place to start. Maybe there was a Guild, or maybe more than one Guild, for wool-workers?


  2. What an incredible sighting! You did well finding the proper clothing so you could date the spirit….that is a Star of David but the letter inside is not a Hebrew letter so I totally think your idea is bang on..if you can I hope you will go there in the Summer…I am so intrigued!
    Love Sherri-Ellen xo


      1. LOL I had a laugh when I looked at the photo * thought this is not a Hebrew letter…I figured you just knew that…
        It looks like a Old English or Romanesque script but I am no expert!!
        I hope you unravle the mystery!!!


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