WEIRD !! The Mandela Effect

Nelson Mandela has died,na very sad day but
I clearly remember him dying in the 80s,as do
hundreds of other people,there is even a
phenomema called the “Mandela effect” this
phenomena has also happened with other
celebrities such as Alan Whicker and Dick Van
Dyke to name only a couple, not much freaks
me out but this does ! is it a quantum leap or
paralel universe, if you enjoy weird mysteries
check out this website

and please do not leave messages calling me
mental lol, i swear i clearly remember seeing it
on the news ! maybe it is a psychic thing but it
is weird !!!! google it if you are interested, you
will get other websites about it

read the comments on that website..i also
remember the David Soul thing !!!! other
happenings involve tv programmes that were
seen that did not happen til years later, i
remember seeing a trailer for the film “mamma
mia” at least five years before the actual film, i
clearly remember thinking that i could not
believe Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan would be
in such a naff musical !!


4 thoughts on “WEIRD !! The Mandela Effect

  1. There is a similar phenomenon at work in the very huge Star Wars community. I am speaking specifically about those of us who saw the ORIGINAL Star Wars, way back in 1977, when it first hit the big screen. There was a scene that had been filmed for the movie, but ended up on the cutting room floor due to time constraints. The only place fans actually saw it was in comic books. Later, of course, this “lost scene” became public knowledge in articles about the movie, and nowadays you can see it in YouTube videos. But it was NOT in the original movie, and this has been the cause of great consternation among those of us WHO REMEMBER SEEING IT THERE.

    Now, it could be that our brains have simply cross-wired our memories of the movie with the more vague memories of articles and comic books. I won’t deny that this is possible. But would this really happen on such a large scale, to so many fans of the movie? And I’m even talking about people who saw it multiple times and have memorized nearly every line of dialog; people who, when pressed, will probably say, in a confused tone, “I could have SWORN those scenes were there.” I’m not as diehard a fan as that, but when I heard that the scene in question actually never made it to the big screen, I went, “Huh? I could have sworn I saw that in the movie. I KNOW I did!” And then I dismissed it, because maybe I was just confused. It was a long time ago, after all.

    This article on the Mandela Affect now has me wondering: Were there TWO Star Wars movies? Did some of us see the version that wasn’t supposed to have been made? And this is common with many other movies and TV shows, as well. It makes me wonder how many other memories I have that are false, and how many significant things happened that I have forgotten…or was made to forget.


    1. that is weird !
      of all the phenomena I study this “mandela effect” thing really freaks me out and has me baffled
      I remember taking Nate to the cinema as a teen to see the version of ET (lol, yes he was too old) that had extra scenes in it
      we were annoyed when we saw it because there were no extra scenes and the scenes we were told were extra we could of sworn we saw them before when we watched ET on tv years and years ago ,but how could we of seen them if they were newly released to the public ??


  2. Oh, and the Tiananmen Square “tank boy” incident. I don’t remember the story clearly now, but I do have a vague memory of learning that he got run down by the tanks, and there was a huge outcry….and then it turned out that he didn’t get run over, after all. I get the feeling that there was a glitch in the program, and it had to be corrected so that events could go in a different direction–one that the programmers preferred.

    Whatever really happened, one thing is for sure: the guy knew he was going to die. You don’t stand up to a line of military tanks and not die. One thing all agree on, is that he never actually planned to do what he did. He can be seen with his shopping bags, as if he had just been to the grocery store, and he simply saw what was going on and decided to do something about it, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. And the result is that he was killed by a tank, and not killed by a tank, in a world where realities apparently bleed into one another all the time.

    To this day, nobody knows who the tank man was or what became of him. He could be living a normal, quiet life, staying out of the limelight for fear of being arrested and killed; or he could already have been executed. Or maybe he really did die under the treads of that tank.


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