last Yule our log would not light, this Yule the weather was too windy so we had to adapt our usual outdoor ceremony and hold it inside, using a red candle in place of a Yule log, not really a good idea to light a log inside with no fireplace !!! Yule is a time to welcome in the rebirth of the new sun that is due to arrive, and to rid yourself of the bad times of the year and ask for wishes for the coming new year, so Yule was not quite as we planned it but it was still a nice little ceremony, hopefully next year we will be able to do a proper yule ceremony, we had a blue moon package that we were meant to burn during the ceremony , which had been made at the blue moon months back, it was full of wishes, and I could not find it !!! I have come to the conclusion that Yule is really not our time of year : (  our favourite time is Beltane …we gave up celebrating the other kind of “Xmas” five years ago when my hubby had to quit work to care for me and our income seriously dropped, this year however we have been invited to the parents of our daughter in law for xmas day which will be nice, and it will be nice to spend xmas day with our grand daughter as she was too young last year to know anything about it


when we were gathering fir branches in our garden for our yule altar this gorgeous little robin was sitting there, he just stared at us, hopefully he is a good sign

just looked it up

There’s a lot of symbolism where the Robin is concerned.  Here’s a general list of attributes:

   Bright future
   New beginning

The robin brings a fresh new perspective to situations that are otherwise foggy and unclear. Try calling on robin energy for clarity when your judgement is clouded or when you need light shed on an issue.

The red robin reminds us it’s time to shake the sleepiness out of our head (both figuratively and literally), get alert, get moving, and start enjoying life! Spring has sprung, tides have turned, and no matter how crummy or grey our world has been it is time for new beginnings! Enjoy the bright road ahead because it’s only going to get brighter!

Not only is the robin a promise of new beginnings with the new cycle of spring in our midst, it carries symbolic meanings of cheer, joviality and light-heartedness. We can see this in the spring of the robin’s step. The bird also hails the message: “Live, love, laugh and be happy” and that is precisely what the symbolic meaning of the robin tells us too.

So you can expect some or all of these attributes to apply to you.  

(info taken from allexperts.com) I had to be shocked at the bit about the sleepiness as I have been sleeping up to 20 hours a day with my M.E

» Rebirth of ideas and spirit
» New beginning

Robins are symbolic of a rebirth or the beginning of a new idea. It is a gateway to new opportunities, and refers to patient outlook towards life. It is also symbolic of growth in personal and spiritual life. It also symbolizes selfless and sacrificing nature of the individual.
Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/bird-symbolism-and-their-meanings.html

(info from link above)


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