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OWLS face to face with my power animal

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As you know, I am meant to volunteer at the local owl sanctuary with my husband but I have been too unwell for months, he has been going still though and he arranged for my birthday for me to spend some time with my favourite owl, the barn owl, although volunteering at the owl place I had never actually held an owl yet

It was the BEST day ever, the funny thing was that I was supposed to hang out with a barn owl called Trevor but when I got there they gave me my favourite one Whizz Whizz, he is 21 years old and having trouble with his eyesight, they did not even know he is my favourite !

I cannot begin to tell you how magical it felt, there was a deep connection that I cannot explain, it was like that something missing from my life no longer is !

Whizz Whizz managed to fly onto my arm once but due to his eyes was not able to do it again,

his talons did not actually hurt, at one point they were poking through my jumper but I could not feel them and he nibbled at my fingers to see if I had food, that just tickled, it was such a lovely afternoon and made up for me ending up in hospital that night with borderline pneumonia again !

while I was there I watched various other owls and eagles flying and learnt much more about them, I am hoping to be well enough to start volunteering again in the summer

not many people are lucky enough to spend time with their power animal but if you can, I highly recommend it, it gives you a great sense of peace

cannot believe that six years ago I was petrified of ANY kind of bird until I had no choice but to rescue an orphan sparrow, she obviously came along to take my fear away

I also got to do some proper photography while I was there

click here for album

click here for video of owl flying onto my arm

I wonder if my readings will improve now that I have had this experience ?



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I have been reading a fascinating blog called “hidden experience” it is all about owls and alien abductions, I will not go into my experiences of that here (saving it for my book) but I continue to have strange owl “coincidences”

two days ago I asked my husband if I could have my birthday money early and I was “directed” to a certain town

“I am going to find an outdoor owl for the garden” I told him

we went to an antique/junk/auction place which is where I was sure I would find an owl

I looked around and there was not once, I must not of been very psychic that day I thought to myself, and I chose some small items of furniture and some huge plant pots, while I waited for my husband to go and get the car my eye was drawn to the very back of the outdoor part of the location and behind about six HUGE Buddhas I found not only an outdoor owl but also and owl bird bath : )

I have been slowly doing up my garden and a bird bath was another thing I wanted

I was really lucky that the owner took pity on me as i was in my wheelchair and gave me them at a discount, they are SOLID stone, they weigh a ton. it was an odd coincidence to find them but even more odd that they are barn owls, my favourite

then yesterday my husband told me he had arranged a birthday surprise for me, to go to the owl foundation and actually HANDLE A BARN OWL, I am soooooo excited : ) I was feeling very depressed that for the last eight months I had been unable to volunteer there due to my illness and the times before that I had been there the closest I got was seeing them in the aviaries ! this is my dream come true

yet another coincidence in relation to this, I have not heard the tawny that I communicate with for weeks, but the very night we came home with these he was outside again, hooting away



then I got a free pack of oracle cards with my magazine and guess what I picked …….





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OMG , check this out, I entered a poetry competition, I forgot all about it, I was just going through my emails and came across this, the thing is was that it was in my “junk” folder and I normally just delete them without looking and a few minutes before I had been updating my facebook psychic site and had added on the “about me” bit that I am writing a book, I also did a link to my testimonials where a writer who is also a psychic said she has SEEN my work published


you can see the date and time of when I updated it, if you click the link on that page you can scroll down and read what the psychic said about my writing

anyway, the competition was featured in a very well known spiritual magazine, I have checked the publishers website out and they are obviously professional

but it is virtually UNHEARD of for a publisher to be that interested ,normally you have to send off manuscripts to tons of them before one will even entertain looking at it ! and rejection is so common that apparently even JK Rowling got turned down by about 8 publishers !

Nicole Walrond

To Me

Dear Emma  (MY REAL NAME)


Thank you for entering our Ms Interpreted Competition and we wish you the best of luck. ( i thought this bit was a polite rejection, then I saw the rest …..)


Our Managing Director, Peter Quinn is interested in seeing more of your work. Do you have something you can send to him?  It can be a novel, a collection of short stories or a children’s book, or it can also be something autobiographical or factual.


Please e-mail a copy to me at n******** and include your contact details.


We’re here to encourage people to express themselves through poetry/writing and for some people this has led to bigger opportunities, which just shows the relevance of simply writing down your own thoughts.


Peter is interested in your work so he may ring you anyway.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind regards

Nicole Walrond

Secretary to the Managing Director


being a writer has always been one of my dreams, I have written numerous poems, I am in the middle of writing my paranormal book , I have written articles ,reviews, I have written a diary since the age of 8 and I am an avid blogger  I just never would of guessed that this poem would of led to this !!!

Did you ever feel a cold cold breeze,
that started at your feet and worked it’s way to your knees ?
did you ever feel me touch you on the back of your head ?
or wipe a tear from your eye ?
my love,I am still here although I am dead.
Did you feel someone follow you…so close behind ?
I do not intend to frighten you , I only want to remind.
Did you see the glow above you as you lay down to sleep ?
I cannot depart from you,our love was so deep.
When you sat in the dark and cried to yourself
did you see my photograph move on the shelf ?
did you smell my favourite perfume linger in the air ?
did you sense a shadow near you ?
it is me….and I still care.
Did you hear a noise downstairs , convince yourself there was nothing
in it ?
do not be afraid,it is only my spirit.
I am right beside you, wherever you go.
Love does not end in death,I want you to know.
Are you lonely and sad ? do you cry bitter tears ?
we were meant to be as one , all the way down the years.
Do you vow to love no other and wish that I was there ?
do you cherish my wedding ring and a lock of my hair ?
I saw you at my funeral,drenched in the rain
each one of those raindrops was one of my kisses
it was my way of showing that I felt your pain.
when you sat in the church and cried through the service,mourning my passing
did you hear the noise behind you ?
it was my angel sighing.
when you went to the churchyard and laid down a flower
I stood and watched from behind the headstone
I was there for an hour.
Did you hear the footsteps behind you as you carried on home ?
did you know I was right next to you
do not think you are alone.
when you lie down at night,I lie next to you
can’t you feel me there ?
listen very hard you will hear my breathing in your ear !
Do you hear the creaking floorboards ,the rattling window pane ?
the banging door,it is me although it sounds the same !
Did you ever notice the light swaying to and fro ?
yes , that was me , I am dead but I do not want to go.
let me live on in your memory,
open your mind,allow my ghost to wander free.
Did you look out of the window,notice my reflection in the glass ?
let go,do not be bitter,then your pain will pass.
I will be surrounding you with protection and love
meditate for a while and imagine me above
picture me as a bird free flying,
smile for a while,there is no need for crying.
One day you will join me,I have not really gone,
open your heart,it is not wrong to sing on !
Do not grieve forever , do not waste your life…..
until that time….remember your wife.
(c) E.Vachos

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maybe nothing will come of it but it is so nice to have some interest in my work
I have been “cosmic ordering” for some recognition with one of my “jobs”
and for those people who cannot believe the amount of books that I have got (2000) well if you read a lot you learn a lot
about writing : )
this is my latest one
I took a good look at my poems and none seem good enough to send so I have written a couple of new ones…this one is about my grand daughter being an “indigo child” and how I knew that from the minute I saw her ( as in this photo) you can read about indigo children on my psychic blog
Eyes wide, brimming with pride
a miraculous life once growing inside
she struggles to understand those things called faces
the fingers round her hand
bright white spaces
shes special, she is precious
she does not know yet
and indigo child ,
on that we can bet
soft skin with wrinkles
tiny knees with dimples
this baby so loved
so wise, yet so gentle
she came for a reason, to enlighten the world
a beautiful child with a beautiful face
a head filled with knowledge
not easy to trace
shes been here before
her eyes tell a story
of far away lands, past lives full of glory
accompanied here by her spiritual guide
forever with her, her mystical side
pupils dark, the depth of a well
she has many secrets, one day she will tell
the echoes of memories wait to break through
watch her observing, she already knows you !
cradled in her mothers arms
are hints of her purpose, her knowledge, her charms
one of the chosen who exist to bring peace,
amazing daughter, grand daughter and niece
she is already aware of the need for her kind
genius child, photographic mind
she will tell futures
communicate with spirit
the unseen world
she knows what is in it
by night she will heal with crystals and herbs
adore every animal,plant and bird
artistic and musical she came to make her mark
her empathic blue eyes with magnetic spark
visionary and carer with Celtic genes
this amazing young girl with her pocketful of dreams
from the day she was born she brightened our being
all knowing, all wise, sensitive
all seeing
Arwen Rose the rainbow child
bringing us peace with her nature so mild
(c) eevee vachos Jan 2014


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amazing..typical indigo child and possible future Wiccan ? she was ignoring most tv programmes until one about the moon came on,she clambered on my knee to watch it ,it is usually daddo she sits and watches tv with, so it was strange how she chose to sit with me and I am the one who would teach her Wicca when she is older if she was interested she was entranced by mother moon for the whole programme !!


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our grand daughter proves once more that she is an indigo child, I had to lay on the floor because my pelvis and vertigo were playing up, she came over to look at me, most kids would jump all over someone laying on the floor but she had such empathy in her eyes


she cuddled me and said “aahhhhh” something she has never done before


the she ever so gently kissed me that is the first time she has kissed me of her own choice (long story but it took us ages to bond due to missing her first few months) so I thought it relevant that she waited til I was ill til she kissed me


then she sat by me



and held on to me, never before have I seen such caring in a child,,not even my son and he was an indigo