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It gives me great pleasure to introduce our first Goddess daughter : )

her name is Summer-Lee and she was born on 4th of February ( a week overdue) weighing in at 9lb 5oz and is beautiful and healthy.

Although I was way out on the week I did say she would be born on a tuesday or wednesday

It is such an honour that my best friend Pam asked us to be her Goddess parents, Pam wants me to guide her spiritual life which I am so looking forward to.

I wonder if she will also be an “indigo” ???

we are so blessed to have two beautiful baby girls come into our life in the past 15 months, it is strange, I always thought I would have two girls myself but sadly we lost them and I was unable to have any more babies after my Son , it is obviously a gift from Goddess to kind of make up for it, although Arwen Rose and Summer- Lee are not our children they will forever be part of our lives and give us never ending joy and happiness.

Mother and baby are doing fine, Summer-Lee is such a big healthy baby and Pams SIXTH !!!

we will not be meeting her for a few weeks, they live in Essex which is not exactly local, we will let them settle in and leave them time for baby to meet her family, but I am sooooo looking forward to holding her, at some point I will be doing a naming ceremony for her as she will not be christened ,hence why we are Goddess parents/ spirit parents rather than the conventional God parents.

congratulations Pam and David and thank you for entrusting us with the job of Goddess /spirit parents , we look forward to watching this little one grow and at some point she will be meeting our baby grand daughter



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Spirits will often come to you in your dream state, this is usually done so they do not frighten you or if they have a message it is so that the message sinks into your subconscious, I dreamt of my Gran the other night, I can always tell the difference with just a “dream” or a spirit dream, she said to me ” I am worried about your health, who is going to look after you ” which is quite alarming as my husband is my carer, what does she mean ? why would he not be able to care for me ??

anyway, the next night I was watching a TV programme that was not interesting to me but my husband wanted to watch it , on a plane I saw my Grans surname MACAULEY , which is unusual, then in the early hours I could not sleep and put the TV on a random channel only to find it was one of those home makeover shows and it was a house in Clacton on Sea which is where my Gran lived

quite a few “coincidences ” there !

look out for signs like that, It could be one of your past on friends or relatives trying to let you know that they are around or that they have a message for you