Just a quick bloggy as I still have not had time to catch up
as I am Wiccan, the moon and planets are very important to me so I was delighted last night to find out that mars would be in view , I went on the relevant websites to get the instructions on where to find it and it was pretty easy…..
trouble was that stupid me did not charge up my proper camera..doh !! and the camera I had to use was rubbish but all is not lost because it is viewable until the lunar eclipse which is very soon
I wanted to view mars because I need some nice mars ” fighting energy”
I only got a couple of half decent shots
obviously this one is not mine


here are mine



and here is the worlds worst video lol
  • Mars is well known as the God of War, and as such influences conflict and defence. Mars can be used to control impulsiveness, resolve conflicts and aids in all defensive magick. Mars rules over Tuesday, the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio and its associated color is red.
  • (source common sense witchcraft website)


I did not realise that the day for mars is Tuesday and that is the day I was photographing it, I could of waited because I know it will look better during the lunar eclipse but I was feeling so run down with all my illnesses and needed defence and strength, interesting that I need defence with my immune system disease ! I am no Wiccan expert and still learning, so this was really interesting to find out.

I also need defence with our neighbours from hell who are contributing to my illness and no one will help us : ( it is starting to really depress me, so I really hope that mars helped me a bit, we are always at war, if not with our landlords (been going on for 15 years) and the health system then its war with our neighbours (going on 8 years)

so when the lunar eclipse comes I shall find out a good ritual to do to hopefully boost our power when it comes to these matters


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