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three passings and a birth

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wow, I have so neglected this blog
unfortunately we had three deaths to deal with,
our lovely 84 year old neighbour Fred
My Dad who I have only known for a few years (long story) he died of lung cancer, he was diagnosed too late and was gone within two months : ( it is very hard on me because I did not know him all my life, my six brothers and sisters did, it is very hard on them too as my younger brothers already lost their mum and my three sisters are aged between 10-14, they were so brave at the funeral.
but I never knew what a child hood was like with him, it is a very strange thing to cope with
he has already shown himself in my paranormal work and did say that when he was gone he would talk all over my recordings lol, that I can believe !!
Then my daughter in laws Nanny died, these were all within months of each other, my daughter in law was heavily pregnant at the time and having a rough pregnancy

but it is with huge joy that I announce the birth of our first grandson
Isaac Rolfe King, born at 3;07am, weighing in at 7lb 5oz , born pisces, Celtic tree ash and born on the “super” new moon so he should be a very lucky boy
he is adorable, it is like looking at his daddy all over again
our grand daughter Arwen is just over two now and doing so well, she is so proud to be a big sister
the day he was born she got up at 1;30am and at 6;30pm when we left she was still awake ! she wanted to take charge and expected everyone to ask her permission to hold her brother aawww
she is at nursery now and doing really well,. we now get to have her at our house for whole days,it is such great fun and she often asks to “go to Grammis” house…cute

Very proud of Isaacs mummy who gave birth naturally within two hours and managed to look stunning minutes after giving birth !!

HOW does Amber do that ???
Arwen was ssoooooo tired bless her
such a good big sister
teddy we got him

my hubby also known as geedee to the kids

proud mummy
My son and his son
me and Isaac

If you read my psychic blog you will know that Arwen takes after me and is an “indigo” and was born with her eyes wide and focused, Isaac is not like that but he does remind me of a little philosopher !

There is no way that I can catch up on everything that has been going on so I will have to do a condensed blog and fit as much in as I can remember ! hoping to catch up soon but my health continues to go further down hill and i spent a lot less time at the computer, but the great news is..more time with the grandbeanies : )

you can see Isaacs first photo shoot here
click this link

and here is a little video of the proud big sister holding her brother for the first time
click here for video