wow.,yet again it has been too long since I have been here, I have been up to my ears in stuff but here is a little post for now


Although I am psychic I have never tried to communicate with any of my animals,i tried an exercise with the duck,and I tell no lie,IT WORKED …she told me she is a solitary bird and does not want a duck friend particularly and may ignore it if i get one,she said she loves “the little person” Arwen,and that she loves me so much that she gets upset if she does not get to see me if i am stuck in bed and us very happy when Beardie brings her up to see me…she said the man who feeds her is too distant and she needs to feel loved by him incase anything happens to me…..Beardie likes her alot but he usually leaves me to fuss her up and all he does is feed her,clean out her house and put her in the bath, i told him how she feels and this is amazing but the very next day she groomed him for the first time ever,no longer flaps when he picks her up and she just sits there now and lets him pick her up rather than make him chase her round the garden ! he can also stroke her now without her running off,i do not think it is a coincedence,she was very aloof towards him til after i “spoke” to her…bizarre !!



  1. Eevee, thank you so much for this post! I love your communication with your duck. She was very direct and clear! And I love the way Miss Duck responded to “Beardie” the next day. Bless you all!


  2. How cool is this Eevee?? I am impressed you were able to communicate with Willow so well. I have tried with Siddhartha henry but he is still too ‘crazypants’ & does not respond….
    I remember talking with Nylablue after the assault in Sept. ’06. That horrid event brought us closer together & she was able to communicate. Mingflower was easy-peasy for me way back when.
    So as Willow says she/he is a solitary duck will be you nix the idea of a 2nd duck for now???
    (((Hugs))) Sherri-Ellen


    1. Gosh,sorry for the delay,hardly ever come here these days ! I think you may be able to communicate with S.H when he is asleep,sounds bizarre I know.We will not be getting another duck no,willow loves the birds that visit our garden,she loves chili cat and Arwen,so she gets lots of companionship xx


      1. I figured Willow was ‘duck enough’>>>rofwl!!!
        I can say since I posted my comment the ‘littul Purrince’ & I ARE actually communicating …I am working out his signals & certain behaviours & he is calming down more & I am calmer & there is a harmony between us…finally…..


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