Helpful Nanny ?

The other day we were babysitting our grandson Isaac,there was just myself and hubby in the flat with him,we were in the living room and Isaac was in his bedroom having a nap,we were waiting for him to wake up,after a while we heard him gurgling to himself and sounding happy,then we could not believe […]

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A new client testimonial

HOW LOVELY ,A CLIENT JUST SENT ME THIS TESTIMONIAL,IT MEANS A LOT AS I REALLY FELT I WAS GETTING RUSTY !!! My reading byEevee was so amazing!! The details she said were so precise, I was shocked. No one would have known these details. I would highly recommend a reading from her. She is a […]

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Grand daughters “vision”

Just a quick blog,I did not want to forget this,yesterday I was looking after my baby grandson Isaac while his Mummy and my hubby went to collect our grand daughter Arwen from preschool,Isaac is at the age where he is taking notice of things and as he is deaf it is important to show him […]

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halloween contact with my Dad

On the 30th October it was the first anniversary of my Dad dying from lung cancer,We did our usual ancestor altar and some paranormal tests, I did not really expect to get anything (although my Dad did leave an image of his face in my plasma ball not long after he passed, it was recognised […]

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the wipers coincidence

this book arrived from ebay this morning, I wanted it just for the chapter on the “pontefract poltergeist ” which is right in the middle of the book, so I turned straight to that chapter and read it while beardie kept interrupting me about his damn windscreen wipers he ordered that also arrived from ebay […]

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