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Testimonial for night mare spell and cat healing

Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2016 by Psychic eevee

I took the pouch out from under pillow!! OH MY GOODNESS!! Nightmares came back,pouch under pillow nightmares disappear! That is some powerful good you do dear Sis

Your spells have helped stabilize my cats health especially after the damage the Homeopath did to him! I will never go that route again…..
Oh his spell bag is IN his cat house; he does not even bother with it… s like he KNOWS it is for his own good! 😉
Oh an ‘Dude’ likes to pat his paw on the bag…but he does not try to rip into it or destroy it! Whose a clever boy?????


Testimonial for a spell

Posted in comments and testimonials on January 23, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Thanks, Eevee, for the spell and the little bundle you sent when i was going through some rough times. I really think it helped me get back on my feet. I now have my own apartment where I can keep my cats, and I have a job. (You can put this on your website if you need a testimonial.)

Thank you “L” for letting me post this

Great nanny again !?

Posted in indigo kids, spirit contact on January 23, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday I was telling my daughter in law that our grand daughter had said to my husband that she had “bad dreams about geedee” then she said ” not you,the lady geedee” there is slight confusion as hubby is geedee as in GranDad and Arwens great nanny was geegee as is GreatGran ,I am wondering if Arwen actually saw her geegees spirit but thought she was dreaming ?

Anyway about ten minutes later we all heard an almighty noise again (like the noise mentioned in a previous blog) Amber looked round the flat and found a heavy photo album had flown off her wardrobe across the bedroom,it was her album of photos of great gran !! Again the noise was way too loud to fit what had happened, spirits will make things extra noisy to gain attention

Space rock ??

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This is a bit odd, yesterday our grand daughter drew me a picture, she explained that it was a “black space rock in a river” I will admit I kind of shuddered due to the fact that only a few days ago David Bowie died 😦 and he was linked to a lot of space stuff,his final album is called “black star” some people say that symbolises Nibiru /planet x that some cults believe will wipe out earth ! Admitted she did see the astronaut Tim Peake briefly on the news,but all that was seen was a close up of the space module he was fixing,you could not even see space or any black rocks !! Our family has a long association with UFOs and one of my brothers is an astro physicist, but Arwen has never met him and we never talk about him,this is not the sort of thing she draws !
Also,she does not know this and has never seen them but I sometimes meditate with tektite, which is a black meteorite rock !!

Anniversary visit ?

Posted in indigo kids, paranormal, spirit contact on January 7, 2016 by Psychic eevee

On the 5th of January it was the first anniversary of our grandchildrens maternal great grans passing,my daughter and law and her little sister were taken to the cemetery that evening to pay their respects, the next day we were asked to have our grandson as his maternal gran was in hospital, so we went there for the day,I have mentioned before in my “indigo kids” blogs that a robin always hangs around our grand daughter in our garden,it is only there on days she is visiting, it even waits in the area of the garden that is set up as a fairy garden for our grand daughter,and there was even a Robin following our grand daughter when we took her to the owl sanctuary, I suggested the robin may be a sign from her great gran and then found out that robins were her favourite bird…..
Anyway,yesterday as we were getting in our car to go to babysit we saw the Robin in our front garden,that was a first,the robin is shy and does not like the crows we feed out the front ! The robin was perched on a tree staring at our car.
When we got to my sons place we spent time with baby Isaac and I then put him in his cot to see if he needed a sleep,he apparently didn’t because he lay there babbling to himself,my husband was in the living room and I went to the toilet,while I was in there we heard an almighty crash that sounded like someone pushing over a large bookcase full of DVDs over ! 
We both yelled “what the heck was that” and searched all the rooms,we could not find anything at first until I noticed the babies music box thing in the middle of the floor !!
We tried to replicate what may of happened,it had originally been sitting on top of our grad daughters wooden toy kitchen,it had to have been thrown with quite some force to make that amount of noise !! Yet it had not disturbed Isaac ,although he is deaf in one ear he would of heard that and it surely would of startled him !
A light in the kids flat has been switching itself on and off recently too,we witnessed that.
I really feel the music box thing was their great gran making herself known, that day was very stressful but confidentiality prevents me saying what was going on but I feel that their great gran was letting everyone know she was around


You can see in this picture…the red arrow shows where the musical box thing was,the yellow arrow shows where it landed,it should of made no noise as it landed on carpet but the amount of noise was massive,the brown wood is the end of the cot,Isaac is not standing up yet so could not have thrown it and even if he kicked the end of the cot it is not touching the red kitchen where the musical thing was placed