Testimonial for a spell

Thanks, Eevee, for the spell and the little bundle you sent when i was going through some rough times. I really think it helped me get back on my feet. I now have my own apartment where I can keep my cats, and I have a job. (You can put this on your website if […]

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Great nanny again !?

Yesterday I was telling my daughter in law that our grand daughter had said to my husband that she had “bad dreams about geedee” then she said ” not you,the lady geedee” there is slight confusion as hubby is geedee as in GranDad and Arwens great nanny was geegee as is GreatGran ,I am wondering […]

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Space rock ??

This is a bit odd, yesterday our grand daughter drew me a picture, she explained that it was a “black space rock in a river” I will admit I kind of shuddered due to the fact that only a few days ago David Bowie died 😦 and he was linked to a lot of space […]

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Anniversary visit ?

On the 5th of January it was the first anniversary of our grandchildrens maternal great grans passing,my daughter and law and her little sister were taken to the cemetery that evening to pay their respects, the next day we were asked to have our grandson as his maternal gran was in hospital, so we went […]

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