Space rock ??



This is a bit odd, yesterday our grand daughter drew me a picture, she explained that it was a “black space rock in a river” I will admit I kind of shuddered due to the fact that only a few days ago David Bowie died 😦 and he was linked to a lot of space stuff,his final album is called “black star” some people say that symbolises Nibiru /planet x that some cults believe will wipe out earth ! Admitted she did see the astronaut Tim Peake briefly on the news,but all that was seen was a close up of the space module he was fixing,you could not even see space or any black rocks !! Our family has a long association with UFOs and one of my brothers is an astro physicist, but Arwen has never met him and we never talk about him,this is not the sort of thing she draws !
Also,she does not know this and has never seen them but I sometimes meditate with tektite, which is a black meteorite rock !!
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5 thoughts on “Space rock ??

  1. WOW! I am breathless Sis! Arwen Rose once again amazes & mystifies with her ability. She ‘knows’ something obviously…..I do not think this is a coincidence…..
    Black Rock=Black Star= Tektite…..can I go back to WOW????
    I can see the face profile also…& the hearts caught my eye too.
    keep this drawing safe; it will be interesting to ask her about in in 5-8 years time (if Nibiru does not exist & wipe us out…)
    Love you to the Moon & back, Sherri-Ellen


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