Pendulum session re building works

We are furious about the horse paddock opposite our house being built on which will take away our view of the woods. That paddock has always been paranormally active and we have recorded many strange things there,and we were getting a lot of activity when they started the works,which can be very common,building works are […]

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I know why Dad was here !

So it seems my Dad was trying to get my attention urgently with all the paranormal stuff because my Son and his little family have been going through a hard time and I know my Dad would of had something to say about it if he were still around !! Curiously my grand daughter keeps […]

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Empathy and other gifts

Yes,I have been diagnosed as this by a psychiatrist,I am also a HSP (highly sensitive person,one example is my medical hypercasis,which is hearing that is six times more sensitive than average and causes pain,the top audiologist in UK diagnosed me with that,I also have multiple chemical sensitivity and I am allergic to the sun) being […]

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Huge bang on dolls house

Last night at about 9:45 we heard the biggest bang/thud in the middle of the living room where we were watching a film, The thud sounded exactly like the one we heard in my sons flat. The closest thing we could get to sound like it was by thumping the dolls house,yet it was nowhere […]

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