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Pendulum session re building works

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We are furious about the horse paddock opposite our house being built on which will take away our view of the woods.
That paddock has always been paranormally active and we have recorded many strange things there,and we were getting a lot of activity when they started the works,which can be very common,building works are notorious for stirring up paranormal activity …so I decided to do a contact session with the new pendulum board I had made (this was a few months ago)
I felt the spirits of the “witches” from our village were not happy either.


The board I made


The answers I got,the words spelt out were CENGS and VEG or CENG SVEG

I googled those words and found that SVEG is a Norse (I have Norse heritage) word for “defrauded” or “betrayed” this would fit considering we were lied to about no building works ever being done on the field and our long running feud with our less than ethical council.
CENG only came up as some kind of technologies ?

The board told me that there was a “visitation” spirit and that it was “negative”,that fit with some of the odd happenings at the time.

It said “electrical”…we were having electrical problems that we assumed were caused by the building site.

It said “not government” I asked if anything “alien” was involved as we have dealt with things of that nature in the area,it replied “don’t know”

I asked if it would go away if I cleansed ,it replied “yes” so I did cleanse with sage and the trouble stopped.

It said a “lost entity” was present,that seemed to leave when I cleansed but I don’t know if the builders have been having any problems.

This was only a five minute test but quite interesting that it should come out with a Norse word

WARNING: as with ouija boards do not attempt anything like this without a competent medium present,it can be dangerous !!
Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


I know why Dad was here !

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So it seems my Dad was trying to get my attention urgently with all the paranormal stuff because my Son and his little family have been going through a hard time and I know my Dad would of had something to say about it if he were still around !!

Curiously my grand daughter keeps saying she sees my Dad down town ? She is insisting it is him !

My Sons problems are too confidential to post here but I hope he sorts it out soon.
My grand daughter only met my Dad twice before he passed .


Me and my Dad ..I miss him,wish I had known him all my life

Empathy and other gifts

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Yes,I have been diagnosed as this by a psychiatrist,I am also a HSP (highly sensitive person,one example is my medical hypercasis,which is hearing that is six times more sensitive than average and causes pain,the top audiologist in UK diagnosed me with that,I also have multiple chemical sensitivity and I am allergic to the sun) being an empath helps my psychic work but hinders my day to day life !! On top of that I have a rare 50\50 brain ( I went through nine days of in depth tests) and sleep clinic proved my brain can be wide awake when my body is asleep, I am sort of a medical mystery,I am also a “s.l.i.d.e.r” who can blow lightbulbs and move things with telekinetic energy when I am angry and stressed, I can write perfectly in my sleep and it usually comes out in my grans writing (she died in 2004) I have ALL the empathic traits making psychometry my best psychic ability.

I have always been an empath since I was tiny,I remember going to the cinema to see “the fox and the hound” I cried all through the film,all the way home on the bus and all evening, when I was tiny I cried my head off at the part in “Superman” when baby superman is sent off on his own in the star, do not even get me started on E.T ,I have seen that a million times and still cry.

A few years back my husband came running into the room thinking something awful had happened,I was crying so much I could barely get any words out,it was a book I was reading about a rescued barn owl, the book did give a warning not to read the end if you are easily upset.. I read it !!!

I can cry at “EastEnders”

The theme tune to “merry Christmas Mr Lawrence” sets me off in choking floods of tears within the first three seconds , I have no idea why.

When Dallas died in “the outsiders” i was a total mess.

When my grand daughter was a baby and cried I had to leave the room a couple of times leaving her with my husband.

When my son got stabbed I spent weeks crying at the thought of how he felt ,collecting his blood stained clothes in police evidence bags had me vomiting with tears because I had visions of what he went through just by holding the bags !

I was the worlds worst vet nurse,and had to quit, I was in floods of tears every day,
If I see road kill it takes me hours to get over it,when we accidentally hit a deer I felt I needed therapy.

I can sense total strangers distress even if they are hiding it (I think I posted an example about a young lad I saw in a takeaway shop)

My son had a female friend round,she was acting perfectly normally but I sensed something and asked my son if something had happened he told me her mum had just died 😦

Another night my son came home with a friend,they said nothing but I said something about a suicidal guy with star tattoos on his neck, only a few hours earlier they had been looking for him as he was threatening suicide!

Facebook is actually very traumatic for me,the amount of child and animal abuse photos that get posted on there for “awareness” make me sick and sad all day,some of us can already see in our heads what is happening in the world, we do not need to be bombarded with graphic photos,I worked as a vet nurse for the RSPCA ,I saw animal abuse for real every day.

I have physical disabilities that are triggered by stress and emotional upset,I am such an empath that my body refuses to work when I am overloaded with traumatic things.

When on paranormal investigation I always pick up on the distressed spirits which can be very draining.

As a child I suffered an unhappy childhood and was always accused of being a “drama queen” maybe that is why my empathy developed?

I have an awful habit of ending up feeling sorry for people who upset or hurt me and end up forgiving them,putting them first over me.

Our grand daughter also proved to be an empath one day when I was unwell,I posted photos of her reaction,she was just over a year old (the blog is in the indigo kids section)

I can sense people who are “psychic vampires” and if I do not stay away from them I get very unwell.

When crystal healing a friend with cancer who was going through chemo I would come home and vomit for hours having soaked up her emotions and her physical feelings she had with the chemo treatment,I learnt to wear prehnite to deflect the feelings.

Once we saw a homeless man in the bus shelter near our house,while everyone else gave him filthy looks and walked past him I took him a cup of tea and some ciggies and found out he was homeless after a divorce and losing his daughter who had the same name as me ! I have often put myself in dangerous situations to help people, because I just think “what if that was me” even when we lived in London and it was a common scam for people to pretend to be hurt then they would rob you,my hubby would tell me it was not worth the risk, but i would tell him I would not be able to live with myself if ignored them.

We had a schizophrenic neighbour once who caused us no end of trouble but i felt sorry for her, she had already come at me with a knife but a few days later I went into her house alone as she was distressed, everyone thought I was bonkers but I simply thought that if she hurt me she would at least get help,she had a big carving knife on the table near me,another time she was very very drunk and had taken a strange man home,I felt something bad may happen so I barged in her house and got him out, it was that same night she asked me to look at her cat as she knew I used to be a vet nurse and she thought it wasn’t well,I found it dead in her bed dressed in baby clothes, it had clearly been dead about a week,that disturbed me for along time but my main concern was her mental health,I discreetly got the cat out and told her I was taking it to the vets so that she could be told the truth when she was not having a schizophrenic episode,as it turned out she accused me of killing it but I put up with that as I put her first.

Empath often suffer migraines, its where our pineal gland (third eye) is becoming over whelmed,meditation or doing something creative or happy seems to help ease it.


I note how the eye in this illustration has the gold/orange ring like mine, which according to every optician I have seen is rare and can be a sign of Wilson’s disease ,but I don’t have that (been tested) and the Wilson’s ring is not as dramatic as mine,here are some wilsons rings

grandson also has the gold ring, i wonder how many other empaths do ?

Self portrait of my eye,here’s a cheesy story for you: I met hubby at the dentists,he was the patient,I was the nurse,for months he only ever saw my eyes due to the surgical mask I had to wear,he said he couldn’t stop looking at them because they looked like “an eclipse over the sea” that is the most romantic/poetic he has ever been hahaha

Dad being silly from spirit !!

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Just shouted at my dads spirit ( I did apologise) he is on one of his wind ups like he used to do in life ….everything is going wrong with the dolls house,I do enough crafts to know this is not normal, I soooo think it was him who kicked the dolls house the other night, he had that dolls house rammed up in his shed for years, you would think (considering he used to do art himself) that he would be glad I am doing something with it, he used to love teasing people and driving them bonkers,he is still doing it from the spirit world,sorry Dad but as I used to tell you ..”have a word with yourself !! ”

I started making it over today, you can see what it used to be like in a previous blog
It has had a coat of grey paint today, will be doing the windows white,it was just a nightmare for some reason !!


Excuse the pic showing David Bowie,it was a photo taken for facebook

Huge bang on dolls house

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Last night at about 9:45 we heard the biggest bang/thud in the middle of the living room where we were watching a film,
The thud sounded exactly like the one we heard in my sons flat.
The closest thing we could get to sound like it was by thumping the dolls house,yet it was nowhere near as loud ,to do it as loud as we heard it would of made a huge hole in the side of the dolls house.
We looked every where including upstairs,nothing was out of place,
I have two theories
(1) my dads spirit.he gave me the dolls house, and he would of found it funny to make us jump during a horror film
(2) the spirit of a local murder victim,I had planned to go to a location I believe to be linked to his murder that day but was not able to get there !! Maybe he was disappointed I did not get there to gather some info from him ?

I did do a quick evp session minutes after and just picked up whispering I could not make out

This is the dolls house