Just a silly coincidence

Last night I woke up with a song running through my head,Eagles of Death Metals “Complexity” they are one of my fave bands,saw them live in 2005 supporting my fave band “Foo fighters” but had not listened to them in a few years but started again after the sad Paris attacks.

Anyway,the song was still in my head while I got up to get a drink,when I went back to bed I thought I would read for a bit,and the first word I saw…COMPLEXITY !!



Probably a message that something in my life is complex !!


5 thoughts on “Just a silly coincidence

  1. Umm Sis…..how do I say this nicely?? Your life is TOTALLY COMPLEX!!!!! ROFWL>>>sorry but it is true! the Universe is obviously confirming your suspicion……
    Love you to the Moon & back 444, 444 times wih a side trip to Jupiter!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂


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