Pretty amazing art work !!!

My three year old grand daughter loves playing with an art app on my tablet,
Over a year ago she drew this,she was only two !!


Which immediately reminded me of a “flying v” guitar,even though her Daddy is a musician he does not have one of those


The other day she drew these
I think they are fabulous,I shall print and frame them



They remind me of one of my favourite artists, Gustav Klimt



I think it is the circles she has used
The blue pic she did with the yellow shape on it reminds me of one of the Callanish standing stones in the outer Hebrides where some of our ancestors came from,


I do have two Klimt prints in my living room so it is possible she was inspired by those but I do not have pictures of the Callanish stones,however I did tell her that they have been used in the film “Brave” ,she has seen that,

Wherever she got her inspiration from they are pretty amazing and better than most adults could do..for example,this is my effort and I do art and crafts all the time


And this is my husbands first try


“Indigo kids” are usually very creative and she certainly is,she had NO help with her art on the app…very impressed !!!


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