Superdad ?

The other day my husband was cleaning the car and hung up a new “superdad” air freshener over the rear view mirror
When he came back it was laying on the passenger seat which is where I sit.
There is no way it just fell off,it is on an elasticated string that was not broken and once it is in place the large mirror prevents it from falling off.
I think this was a sign from my Dad,he used to love coming for a ride in our car šŸ™‚
This is the second item with the word “Dad” on it that has moved (I wrote a blog about a Dad bookmark appearing not long after he died)
This air freshener thing happened the day before I went to visit some of my Dads family



16 thoughts on “Superdad ?

  1. Lucky girl; having your Dad come back to visit you!!!! Mine came to me in a dream a month after he died to tell me & I quote, “I am going on a journey.” I said to him, “But you have just gone to the Spirit World Father…” And his rely was, “I am going on another journey & will not see you for a long time. When it is your time to cross over I will come back for me Daughter…”
    Then I awoke with tears running down my face. That was Sept. 2009.
    Around my birthday this past December I dreamt of him again & it was a lovely dream. He never said it was ‘my time’ at all. When I woke up I was blooming scared I can tell you….
    Maybe he just wanted to say ‘Hello’???
    I wonder if he has re-incarnated? He never spoke of believing in that…but stranger things have happened right Sis?
    Love Sherri-Ellen


    1. I wish I could FEEL my Father’s presence Sis. I can not no matter how I try. And I easily sense my spirits…..except for my Father. I can even sense my Ma & we were not nearly as close as my Father & I.


      1. Its odd how they all have different ways of being present ! Have you thought he might be worried you would be scared to see him ? Tell him out loud that you would not be scared at all xx


      2. My Father & I used to talk about the Paranormal & Supernatural a lot. he saw things with my Ma & Nanna & even tho’ he was more pragmatic he knew I had experienced many psychic things. So he knows I would not be afraid of him revealing himself to me.
        I truly believe he has re-incarnated & is back on Earth growing up as a new person…..I have ‘felt’ this since that dream….
        And if this is what happened it is all right. I have Brother Dale; Brother Doug; hubbies Paul & Kevin & Nanna & Ma watching over me! The place fills up quickly some days with spirits, hahahaha….


      3. Maybe you are right and he has reincarnated ,a weird question: do youbelieve some people can come back as animals ? I think it is really rare but can happen xx


      4. I guess it is a matter of faith. And no I do not believe that people re-incarnate as animals. I know that is an Eastern belief but it does not resonate wih me. And NO Purrince Siddhartha henry is NOT my Father Henry because he is one hyperactive high strung cat & very naughty. I can not believe my Father would come back as him. The reason I added henry as a 2nd name is for Jon’s deceased Tuxie Henry Two Socks who WAS named after my Father Henry.
        What is your theory? I am curious to read what you think….


      5. Gee I sounded snotty didn’t I??? Sorry about that. I was not feeling well.
        I just can’t wrap my head around a person coming back as an animal…it makes no sense to me!!!


      6. I know you did not mean that. A few people has suggested it b4 & I thought the idea ludicrous…plus my Father said he was ‘going on a journey’ & I took it to mean he was going to re-incarnate as a Human.
        No worries Sis. I was just cranky šŸ˜‰


      7. Yes that is probably what he meant about a journey ,I used to do past life readings, wonder if I can do “next life” ones ? Worth a try when I am next experimenting xx


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